Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The #1 Hormone Controlling Your Fat Loss

When it comes to losing fat, things are often more complicated than they seem. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to losing the last few pounds.

Anytime you hit a fat loss “plateau” and progress stops, you can be SURE that it’s not as simple as just training harder, or eating less. In fact, when it comes to dropping the last 5-15 pounds, “calories in vs. calories out” has almost nothing to do with it!

The truth is, those last few pounds—what we call “stubborn fat”—are there because of your hormones.

You’ve probably noticed that you have a tendency to store fat in certain areas. Maybe it’s your love handles, maybe it’s your thighs…the point is, you store fat in these places because of a high concentration something called “alpha1 fat receptors”.

These receptors make it incredibly difficult to burn fat…and they are HORMONALLY influenced.

Now, right now it doesn’t matter where you store the fat (we’ll talk about that tomorrow), because first I want to talk about HOW you store fat…and how to fix it.

Once again, it comes down to hormones.

And when it comes to fat loss, the most important hormone you need to get under control is  INSULIN. And if you don’t, burning off those last few pounds is a pipe dream.

Here’s why..

Insulin is what we call a “storage” hormone, or gatekeeper hormone. It’s responsible the uptake of nutrients into the cells. Which means it can store what you eat either in the muscle cells…or fat cells.

And well your body manages insulin is the KEY factor in where it gets stored!

This is called “insulin sensitivity.” The more insulin sensitive you are, the less likely you are to store what you eat as fat…

…unfortunately the vast majority of us have TERRIBLE insulin sensitivity. In fact, just the opposite. We’re closer to being “insulin resistant.

When you’re insulin resistant, your body needs to release more and more insulin just to absorb the food you’ve eaten. Over time, you become sort of “immune” to it.

Visually represented, that looks like this…


Going back to what I said earlier, the problem with being insulin resistant is that it makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to lose fat!

Basically, because your body isn’t good at managing insulin properly, you keep producing more and more insulin in response to ingesting food…

…which makes it A LOT more likely that what you eat will be stored as fat…

…and almost GUARANTEES that you won’t be able to lose the fat currently taking up room on your waistline.

In addition to all of this, insulin also plays a role in the effectiveness of other fat-burning hormones like growth hormone and testosterone.

All of which is to say, when it comes to your hormones KEY to fat loss is getting insulin under control. This must be priority one.

If you DON’T address insulin first, it’s nearly impossible to fix any imbalances with any of the other hormones.

Which begs the question: how do we achieve this?

How do we improve insulin sensitivity so we can actually the massive fat burning potential of this hormone?

The key to doing this—in fact, the only way to do it—is to make sure both training and nutrition are specifically geared towards this exact goal.

And when it comes to insulin management, there is a simple solution for each of these facets..

NUTRITION – for improving insulin through diet, you need to look no further than MACRO CYCLING. This is one of my all time favorite nutrition strategies.

Rather than something broad like “paleo” or “low carb” macro cycling is more scientific. Using specific formulas to determine intake, you then eat more calories and carbohydrates on days you train than days you don’t.

The principle is simple, but genius: you need more nutrition on days you exercise and burn more calories. By following these formulas, you give your body exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

Macro cycling helps you to reset insulin sensitivity very quickly, because it’s sort of the Goldilocks method of dieting—it’s never too much and never too little, ensuring you’re always getting the amount you need. This is IDEAL for hormonal balancing.

TRAINING – In terms of training, reseting your insulin management is best done via something called Omega Metabolic Resistance Training.

If you’ve been following fitness for any length of time, you probably know that metabolic resistance training, or MRT is fast paced weight training circuits. This type of training has been show to be very effective for improving insulin sensitivity and burning fat.

OMEGA MRT takes it a step further, and uses circuits designed with specific set and rep ranges that have been shown to be even MORE effective for improving insulin sensitivity. This makes I one of the best possible training protocols in the world for helping you to crush insulin resistance.

In combination, macro cycling and Omega MRT pack a one-two punch that helps you get insulin under control IMMEDIATELY, allowing you to burn stubborn fat, fast.

While it’s not rocket science, it is science, and it demands a specific approach. And that’s what I want to show you today. Because there’s actually an entire system specifically devoted to taming insulin—and a number of other hormones—for the specific purpose of burning fat.

A system that WILL help you burn off the last 5-15 pound you’ve been trying to lose, and address those trouble spots.

It’s called The Omega Body Blueprint – and it is literally the best resource on losing the last few pounds I have ever seen.

Main Pack - Bundle

Created by my good buddy John Romaniello, OMEGA is all about creating rapid, aggressive, LASTING fat loss through hormonal optimization—and in just 6 weeks, I’ll burn more fat than you have in the past 6 months!

You see, John—or Roman, as we call him—is an expert in this area. In 2013, he wrote a book about it that debuted on the New York Times bestseller list. Not too shabby. Roman’s the expert’s expert: one of the guys the industry looks to to learn about this stuff.

And with The Omega Body Blueprint, Roman has out done himself.

Roman is one of the top fat loss minds in the world, and we’ve been working together for years. When he speaks, you should listen…especially when it comes to hormones.

Which is why I’m so excited to reveal the Omega Body Blueprint to you – it’s going to help in ways nothing else well.

You see, Omega addresses every single aspect of your fitness.

In addition to the training manual (which out lays a complete 6-week program made up of 24 individual workouts), you’ve also got a comprehensive nutrition guide that breaks down every aspect of dieting, calculators to tell you exactly how much to eat…everything.

And the best part? To celebrate the launch of the newly minted Omega Body Blueprint—which, again, I consider to be one of the best fat loss programs ever written—Roman is doin’ his thang and running a crazy sale.

When you pick it up during the launch this week, you’re going to save over 50% — AND get some wicked bonuses.

Grab Roman’s Omega Body Blueprint for 50% off <—– Defeat the #1 Hormone Keeping You Fat

Yeah, that’s right: you’re not just getting 24 amazing workouts, PLUS a full nutrition guide, PLUS the calculators and supplement guide…you’re also going to get the “cheat sheet” quick start guide that makes the program even easier.

And you’re getting all of it for less than 50% of the retail price.

BUT, like all good things, this offer has a time limit; Roman is only offering the OMEGA program at this crazy discount for THIS WEEK ONLY.

Like everything Roman does, this has my highest endorsement, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Grab Roman’s Omega Body Blueprint for 50% off <—– Defeat the #1 Hormone Keeping You Fat

Make sure you grab it before the sale goes bye-bye, and the price DOUBLES.

Talk soon,

Arthur M.

PS – I have some more awesome hormonal information coming at you tomorrow, so keep an eye on your inbox!

PPS – There is NOTHING more important to your fat loss than your hormonal environment. DO NOT take this lightly. If you really want to step things up and RE-START your fat loss, check out the Omega Body Blueprint now.

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