Friday, May 15, 2015

Fat Loss Tricks that Actually Work

Right about this time of year-and likely for the past several weeks-you start seeing advertisements for “bikini diets” and “beach body workouts” all over the damn place.

Quick fixes, detoxes, cleanses, 21 day programs—they all promise astounding results by virtue of their “secrets” or “tricks.” Sadly, most of them are completely useless.

Further, some of them are even detrimental.

You probably know that, which is why you're skeptical of anything that someone tells you is an easy "trick" to help you burn more fat. And that's totally fair.

The truth is, while there aren’t any shortcuts. There isn't a way to to lose 50 pounds over night, or make everything magically easier.

BUT...there really are some simple things you should be doing that will help catapult your results. They're not tricks--just small, simple additions you can make to your program to start losing more fat NOW.

None of these things are unattainable or unrealistic, and in fact, you can do most of them TODAY, should you decide you want to shed that winter coat.

Thankfully, these strategies are things you can immediately put into practice, and some of them won’t even cost you a dime.

But, I have to warn you...they're all little weird. Kind of kooky. In fact, some of them seem completely RANDOM.

For example, what if I told you that just having more s*x could actually help you burn body fat?

Or that by using your smart phone more often, you’d exponentially increase your diet compliance?

Or that by changing the temperature of your shower, you'd increase metabolism, burn more fat, and even recover faster from your workouts?

Hopefully, you'd demand more info.

Well, relax, man, I've got it right here for you.

Today, I've got a great resource that’s going to describe-in detail-these 8 RANDOM Fat Loss Tips, and exactly why and how they work.

In the final video from my friend John Romaniello’s Omega Body Fat Loss video course, Roman explains how making small, SIMPLE changes you’ll get 8 simple, highly effective, immediately accessible things you can do to start losing more fat NOW.

He explains how these things can improve results by just ONE PERCENT...but how that can make all of the difference when it comes to getting your Omega Body...

For the past few days, John’s been sharing some incredible fat loss advice via the Omega Body Fat Loss video course, and it’s some seriously stellar content.

The final video in the course is no exception. In this video, Roman breaks down his top 8 random (and absolutely effective) strategies for fat loss, among them:

  • S*X (yes, it’s true and isn’t it glorious?)
  • Cell phones
  • Ice
  • Greens

The video explains it all in greater detail, and tells you how you can use these strategies to streamline your fat loss efforts. You can start utilizing these 8 strategies TODAY to burn more fat and start building your Omega Body.

You can check it out here <<<<<

For example, Roman explains how you can use this simple kitchen spice to drastically improve insulin sensitivity, and thereby fat loss..

Even better? On that page there’s a highly informative PDF that you can download absolutely free. This goes into further detail about the strategies and includes links to help steer you in the right direction.

(Of course, there aren’t any s*x links—you’ll have to figure that one out on your own.)

Head over to the page and check everything out. Sadly, this is the last video in the series, but there’s still lost off amazing stuff coming your way.

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

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