Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Are you making ANY these 5 fat-burning mistakes?

It’s Tuesday afternoon, which means you’re no doubt already hustling through the week like a mofo. I feel you. Sometimes I feel like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done—between work, family, meal prep, leisure time, errands, and numerous obligations, wouldn’t it be nice if we could just MAKE THE DAYS LONGER?!

Obviously we can’t. I've tried. I made a buncha calls, and there's nothing we can do.

So, we can’t add more time to our day...

...what we can do is be more efficient with the time we do have.

One of the ways I do that is by focusing on ONE major task for each day, rather than try to run down a massive to-do list. Another way I accomplish more effective use of my time-and this way is directly relevant to your fat loss goals-is by doing shorter workouts.

Because quality > quantity, right?


There was a time in my life when, if told I only had 20 minutes to workout, I’d probably just skip the whole thing altogether. My thought was, if I can’t get in a solid, 60+ minute training session, then what’s the point?

These days, I know better. I mean, it's pretty common knowledge that faster, shorter, more intense workouts are the way to go for fat loss, right?

BUT you might not realize that for most people, making those workouts even SHORTER could be the key to max progress.

Which is great news, right? This means that no matter how crunched for time you are, you can still make fat loss a prominent and reasonable focus. All you need to do is follow shorter, more intense workouts that are designed to help you increase your deficit without burning yourself out.

To give you an example, let's say that you have a standard fat loss workout...maybe it takes 40 minutes. Well, splitting it into TWO workouts of 20 minutes each is actually going to help you burn WAY more fat. Why? A few reasons...all of which are fully detailed in a brand new fat loss video from my boy Roman (bestselling author and world famous fit pro).

Now, if you read my post yesterday, then I KNOW you checked out Roman info-packed video yesterday: "How to Stay Fit (and BURN Fat) While Traveling," in which he talked about how to use your travel time wisely and avoid packing on unnecessary pounds. (If you missed it, go back and look, because it's awesome.)

TODAY, however, Roman goes deeper. In video #2 in his FREE Omega Body Fat Loss Video Course, you're going to get all the details on what he calls 5 MUST FOLLOW rules for fat loss. If you follow these rules (no matter the program) you will lose fat. Period.


The truth is, not all programs are great for fat loss, because they aren't designed with certain things in mind.

Because if you wanna burn a ton of fat in the shortest time possible, there are certain rules you need to follow. Thankfully, it's stuff that will make everything about ANY program more effective.

The video you're gonna watch today will give you 5 actionable strategies that you can utilize NOW to help fast track your fat loss efforts

PLUS, it comes with a completely free downloadable e-book, “5 Must Follow Rules for ALL Fat Loss Programs,” that will detail each step for you to ensure your success.

You absolutely need to watch this video if you want to lose body fat and keep it off.



To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

PS - watch to the end of the video, because you'll see that Roman has partnered with some incredible companies to put together some MASSIVE prize packages: everything from gym gear to supplements to an APPLE WATCH! And by watching the video, you're automatically entered to win. Awesome right?

Go check it out!

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