Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two sisters try to lose belly fat...

Two sisters similar in every way, decided: TIME TO LOSE THE BELLY BULGE!

They were both “healthy”...

Ate right...

Worked out...

One was able to lose a few pounds. But she was hungry all the time.

Worse, her body SHAPE hadn’t changed.

Most of her body fat was STILL in the midsection.

Just a little bit less.

When she had her “cheat meal” everything came

The other sister got her waistline back...

...loved the way she looked in her new bikini...

...and lost excess weight in ALL the other problem areas.

The weirdest part: she didn’t do any sit ups or crunches.

What made the difference?

She chose the diet that fit her unique “TYPE” of belly fat.

She also chose the workouts that targeted the
exact SOURCE of her belly fat.

(Not everyone has the same TYPE of belly fat. She had only two TYPES)

How did she find all this out? She took the belly fat “Finger Test”

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Yours Truly,
Arthur M  

P.S. - The test is simple. But you’ll discover
there are many different forms of “belly fat”.

The key to a flat stomach and slim waist is
knowing which type you have.

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