Friday, October 31, 2014

'Reboot' Your Metabolism AND Burn Fat

Happy Halloween!!

I hope you’ve been having an amazing week sampling out the fabulous recipes, and testing out the new “culinary skills”, that I’ve been sharing this past week from “Kitchen Diva” Flavia Del Monte and her brand new Skinnylicious Cooking cookbook. 

So, I’ll keep this one quick....

You simply need to go grab Flavia Del Monte’s 150+ Easy-To-Make, Allergy Free, Fat-Burning Recipes in her new 'Skinnylicious Cookbook'. . .

== > 150+ Great Tasting, Allergy-Friendly and Fat Burning Recipes <<< Special 60% OFF Ends Tonight!

Since Flavia had her 75% sale, and additional bonuses, as part of her 'New Release Promotion'...and since that promotion ends tonight, this is your very last chance to grab the discount and extras at the above link.

Also, I wanted to give you the 'Top Ten Reasons' you should buy Flavia's Skinnylicious Cookbook before the price doubles, and bonuses are removed, at midnight tonight. . .

10. Skinnylicious focuses on ONE CRITICAL THING:

Balancing your hormones!

When your fat burning hormones are balanced, you’ll be skinny.

It’s just that simple. 

If not, you’ll always battle dropping weight. . . forever :/

9. Every one of your meals will feel like its one of your “cheat meals” (You will be 'in shock' that these tasty meals are also super healthy!)

8. You will NEVER have to count calories again and you'll be able to ditch those boring meal plans!

You'll be using Skinnylicious recipes when YOU are hungry and you won't be leaving the table until you’re 100% SATISFIED.

This is exactly how Flavia LOST 30 lbs of fat in  just 4 months!
You can see her incredible transformation pictures on the next page. . .

Flavia Ate MORE and Still LOST 30lbs of Fat <<< Discount/Bonuses Disappear Tonight

7.  Get access to 150 brand new “chef approved” recipes to give your 'diet' an exciting MAKEOVER, putting your weight loss goals on absolute autopilot.   

6. These recipes are 100% Allergy-Friendly. Avoid the bloating, fatigue and weight gain that comes from eating hormonal sabotaging ingredients like gluten, soy, wheat and sugar!

5. Start SAVING lots of money by not dining out as often, because your brand new recipes match the taste of your favorite restaurant foods...and at well over half the price!!

4. Imagine taking your TAKE YOUR TASTE BUDS ON A WORLD TOUR every single day while you're LOVING what you see every time you pass a mirror.

3. All of Flavia's Skinnylicious recipes are EASY TO MAKE and many only take as little as 5 minutes to prepare!

3. Receiver her bonus video on how to Cook 15 incredible Meals in just 50 Minutes! 

That’s 3 days of meals prepared in under 1 hours! 

(That’s right, don’t miss out on learning the
“trade secrets” behind saving hours in the kitchen each week!!)  

In the “How to Cook 15 Meals in 50 Minutes” bonus video you will see professional Chef Amy Stoddart take Flavia though every step so that you can do it too. (By the way, it’s way easier than it sounds!) 

This one bonus alone is PRICELESS and a “MUST HAVE” for anyone that wants a video to show them how to make easy to prepare food, that tastes amazing and is also
great for you and your waistline. . .

== > “How To Cook 15 Meals in 50 Minutes” for FREEE <<< Last Chance

2. Take control of your kitchen, family and health.
Cooking healthy and delicious food is not just reserved for rocket scientists!

You just need to know WHAT to do (and Flavia's brand new Skinnylicious Cookbook does just that!

1. You are going to reboot your metabolism and lose A TON of fat by eating delicious and healthy foods starting as soon as today!!

Wow, that’s a ton of amazing stuff that can begin when you sink your teeth into these great tasting, fat-annihilating, recipes that you'll have to choose from :)(and all of this for a full 75% discount!)

Please note that this special price (and awesome additional bonuses) is only available until tonight at midnight! So make sure you grab this right now. . .

++ > 150+ Delicious, Allergy-Friendly and Fat Burning Recipes <<< Ends Tonight

Get started now and I'd love to know which becomes your favorite meal!

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

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