Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Is this your struggle? [VIDEO]

Are you struggling with weight, with food or your body image?  Do these struggles make you feel dis-empowered, make you feel weak or feel like a failure?

All your struggles are connected and one of the key reasons why you struggle like you do and feel the way you do is because the diet
and fitness industry talks “at” you, instead of “to” you. 

They do it by design to take away your power and put them in control. 

Isn’t it time you were actually talked to, given back your power and no longer struggled with the things that made you feel weak? 

Click here to watch this empowering video by Coach Scott Abel.  In this video, Coach Abel tells you how you can get back your power and your control. 

There’s no opt in required.  Just great content I feel no one else is talking about that I feel is very important to share.

Enjoy the video

Arthur M.

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