Saturday, September 27, 2014

Boost your body's metabolism

You hear a lot about speeding up your body's metabolism in order to make your body burn calories faster, but how does that really work?

When you work out, your body's natural functions speed up. You breathe harder, your heart pumps blood faster, your body temperature increases so you sweat more. All of these things require more energy. So your body gets that additional energy by burning the calories it has received from the foods you have consumed.

You might assume that the moment you stop working out, you stop burning these extra calories. But you would be wrong. Actually, when you raise your body's metabolism through physical activity, it maintains that elevated rate long after your workout has finished. How much longer? Depending on the intensity and duration of your workout, your metabolism could be running "hot" for between 7 and 12 hours after you are finished.

Working out is one way to speed up your body's metabolism. Another way is by increasing your body temperature. When you are fighting an infection, your body's natural thermostat increases so your immune system can fight whatever virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite or other thing is causing you to become ill. This is what a fever is. When you are feverish, your metabolism is speeded up so you are burning more calories. That's why people who have been sick often report losing a lot of weight once they get better.

You can simulate this same increase in body temperature, although not as severe, by consuming caffeine, ephedrine and other drugs. These will stoke up the body's natural thermostat so that your metabolism runs hotter. This isn't always the safest way to lose weight, however.

But besides exercise and drugs, there's another way you can boost your body's own natural metabolism. It's through the foods you eat. When you eat a certain combination of foods – mostly proteins, little to no carbs, and a small amount of a certain kind of fats – your body will go to work increasing its own metabolism so that you burn more calories than you would if you were to eat normally.

This type of eating is outlined in a new product called The Fat Destroyer System. In addition to boosting your body's metabolism to lose weight, the Fat Destroyer System also shows you how changing the way you eat can help you burn more fat calories rather than other types of calories. That's important because losing fat is often a lot harder than simply losing weight.

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