Tuesday, June 10, 2014

These 4 Foods Flush Out Stubborn Belly Fat

I’m constantly asked what are the best foods for fat loss?
Although there are a lot, I have pinpointed 4 foods that can help you FLUSH your stubborn belly fat for good:

Egg Whites - One of the highest quality proteins around, eggs whites should be part of everyone’s breakfast.

This high quality protein is full of the branched-chain amino acids that provide your muscles with the building blocks they need to stay strong and healthy.

Plus, egg whites may be a great source of Vitamin D, which studies show functions in a number of beneficial ways in your body.

Broccoli - This small, green veggie is chock full of the nutrition you need to fuel your fat loss.

First off, broccoli is one of the veggies with the highest water content.

This means that not only does it fill you up, this veggie hydrates you as well – making it that much easier for your body to burn fat.

Plus, broccoli is chock full of fiber, which many studies suggest, fills you up and could prevent you from overeating at your meal or subsequent meals.

So load up your plate with broccoli if you want to burn your fat!

Cinnamon - Diabetics have known for years the power of cinnamon.

This popular spice has been used for years as an all-natural way to lower – and control – your blood sugar levels.

And the more in control of your blood sugar you are, the less likely you are to have crazy insulin spikes and drops, which could have devastating effects on your metabolism.

The fact is: the more insulin your body releases may mean the more leftover sugar and nutrients are converted into fat.

Just adding a little bit of cinnamon to your breakfast yogurt or oatmeal, may go a long way in the battle of the bulge.

Now, these 3 foods are awesome at FLUSHING your stubborn belly fat.

But, the 4th food happens to be 1 TINY – yet very powerful – fruit.

In fact, this fruit has helped some of our clients lose anywhere between 20 and 40 POUNDS of stubborn, nasty belly fat.

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To Your Success,
Arthur M.

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