Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Bears Can Teach You About Weight Loss (Really)

What’s the best exercise for elite, Hollywood-style weight loss?

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Think about a bear for a second...

Half the year, they get plenty of activity, and eat healthy foods (fish, berries, plants, etc.)

The other half, they hibernate, and literally SLEEP WEIGHT OFF. 

You don’t normally think about bears this way, because they don’t appear on the cover of People Magazine...

Yet bears teach us the truth: you can do a ton of activity, and still gain fat (or fail to lose it).

So back to my original question. “What’s the best exercise for weight loss?”

Turns out, it’s the wrong question entirely.

Confused? Good--now you’re ready to learn about this. :-)

I made a quick video to help you, and if you’ve been struggling with fat loss and exercise, it’s exactly what you need.

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Arthur M.

PS: You’ll also find out how to AVOID exercises that are likely sabotaging your fat loss efforts!

Click here to learn the truth.

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