Friday, May 16, 2014

The TRUTH about Sprinting Workouts

This word ==> “Sprints”

It’s almost like a taboo exercise. And there’s a problem with it.

But first, what is technically a sprint?

It CAN be running as fast as possible, but there are other options like Jumping Jacks at a VERY rapid pace or the Split Shuffle (a non-impact method). The intensity required will only allow you to do this for a VERY short amount of time.

It’s the fastest way to burn fat and celebrities and athletes use them to get shredded for movie roles and stay in amazing shape.

It’s no surprise that Jerry Rice (51) is in amazing shape, even after retiring from football years ago. He has the energy of a 5-year old thanks to this underground training method.

Then there’s Jessica Biel who used sprint training to get in the best shape of her life.

Now the #1 problem with Sprints for people like you and me…

You see, the problem with sprints is that not everyone needs to be doing sprints and that’s why Mike Whitfield, the creator of the NEW Sprint Conditioning System came up with creative NEW ways to incorporate sprints into your routine.

See what I mean by doing this Sprint Workout <= Burns 1,004 calories

FYI, you’ll also see this amazing program is over 50% off but that ends today.

Inside, you’ll not only get 31 NEW Sprint Conditioning “Hybrids” using the power of sprints and bodyweight complexes, you’ll also get some amazing bonuses to help you get the fastest results possible…

… Like the Interval Finishers manual. You already know the power of using metabolic finishers. But when you combine them with interval training in a simple, easy-to-follow format, you’ll melt faster than ever over the next 7 days.

… and you can do it with ZERO equipment.

ANYONE can do sprints, too.

See how Sprint Conditioning works for you here <= Sale ends TODAY

You’ll even get the Sprinter’s Body Simple Nutrition Guide, which guides you how you to lose fat week after week and cheat every weekend!

I don’t know about you, but I can certainly trust someone that has lost 115 pounds and has kept it off without any surgery or fad diets.

Sprint Body Nytrition Guide

Get the nutrition bonus here + Sprint Conditioning Drills <= Ends TODAY

Plus, all the Sprint Conditioning workouts have high quality coaching videos. And you’ll get access to:

5-Week Race Day Prep Plan – a comprehensive manual with done-for-you workouts that will get you leaner and if you’re planning a race, you’ll get all the “know-how” you’ll ever need, including a detailed training plan.

Sprint Conditioning for Abs – a 4-week program designed to use the power of sprints (including alternatives) and the latest cutting-edge ab exercises. Use this with the nutrition guide for flat abs in 4 weeks!

Interval Finishers – an evil combination of intervals and metabolic finishers to use with your existing program for advanced results

Interval Chaos – the best Interval Training on the market. This isn’t your ordinary “run of the mill” interval workouts. You’ll use a variety of movements and alternatives so you don’t spend time on a boring treadmill. You’ve never seen anything like this before.

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To Your Success,
Arthur M.

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