Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to use bodyweight exercises for sprints

Let’s recap. First, summer is almost here. Big deal, right?

Well yeah… it IS a big deal. You don’t want to skip your family barbecue or the pool because you’re embarrassed, right?

But what type of body do you want? …

Body Type # 1 – Strength and Size

This is simple – use a combination of heavy lifts (3-5 reps) and moderate (10 – 15) and take longer rest breaks.

You’ll create more bulk… but this isn’t too common at this time of year because you tend to put on fat, even if you’re careful with your diet.

Body Type # 2 – “Twiggy” and Weak

Who cares if you lose 3-4 pounds of fat if you’re losing 3-4 pounds of muscle. This makes you look weak. This is when you do a lot of higher rep stuff with light weights and/or long cardio (30-60 minutes).

Body Type 3 – Athletic and Lean with Definition in Your Abs

The FASTEST way to get this look is using a combination of “hybrids” of sprints (or alternatives) and the best bodyweight ab exercises. This can be done in about 20 minutes.

My friend Mike Whitfield, Master CTT and contributor to the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs, has created a 4-week program using this protocol called “Sprint Conditioning for Abs”.

You can get it as a free bonus here <= Plus Sprint Alternatives

Sprint Conditioning For Abs

This new, innovative approach is a strategic combination of sprints (or bodyweight alternatives) and the latest cutting-edge ab training for flatter abs in just 4 weeks.

This 1-2 punch system delivers a leaner, more athletic physique and targets lower belly fat (with some hard work of course). Plus, you’ll get coaching videos of the entire program.

It’s all a part of Mike’s NEW Sprint Conditioning program that was developed so that you can use sprints or any of the outlined alternatives to burn the most fat possible.


Sprints have been PROVEN to be the #1 exercise to burning fat faster than ever. But using bodyweight complexes PLUS sprints will get you even FASTER results…

… even if you’re not an athlete! But that doesn’t mean you can’t train like one…

Sprint Conditioning for Abs + 31 Sprint Drills <= Bonus TODAY

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

PS – Want a FREE taste of the NEW Sprint Conditioning Manual? You’ll get a FREE workout by clicking here.

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