Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#1 exercise that burns the most fat [NO exceptions]

There's one exercise that burns more fat than any other exercise on the planet.

Yet, most "average" people don't even use this powerful fat-burning move in their program because they think they are not athletic enough or they are simply too old.

If you're thinking this, I have good news for you.

First, let's compare...

Walking - burns approximately 8 calories a minute

Running - burns approximately 11 calories a minute

Bodyweight Exercises - burns approximately 10 calories a minute (however, this is HUGE because your body continues to burn calories well after you finish bodyweight exercise.


This is #1 exercise to boost metabolism (no exceptions)

It's the power of sprints... but how can you do sprints without actually running?

You can do any of these...

Alternative Sprint # 1 - Total Body Extensions at a Very Rapid Pace

- Start with your feet just outside shoulder-width apart in the Quarter Squat position.

- Your arms should be extended behind your glutes and you should look straight ahead.

- Now rapidly come up on your toes and extend your arms above your head.

- Return to the starting position as quickly as possible.

Alternative Sprint # 2 - Split Shuffle at a Very Rapid Pace

- Start in a split stance with your arms in the "run position" as if you're about to sprint

- Shuffle your feet back and forth as fast as possible (your left arm should go out in front when your left goes out)

Alternative Sprint # 3 - Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope at a Very Rapid Pace

You know this old school exercise - just go as fast as possible!

Note - the secret to these is to go as fast as you can because it's a very short period of time. You'll get the sprint benefits without the running (just keep up the intensity!).

Use the power of sprints to get lean for summer here

Now that you have your sprint options, let's rock this fat-burning Sprint workout...

Dirty Dozens

Sprint (15 seconds) - Do 8 rounds, resting when needed.

The key - make sure to rest JUST enough to give each sprint your best effort. Once you're done with the 8th sprint, do the following bodyweight circuit twice, resting for 30 seconds between circuits:

Alternating Prisoner Reverse Lunge (12 reps per side)

Explosive Pushup (12 reps)

Skater Hops (12 reps per side)

Mountain Climbers (12 reps per side)

And get this... according to new Australian research; participants who completed a sprint session consumed fewer calories over the next 38 hours than those who completed a traditional workout.

Imagine reducing your appetite without a single pill.

On top of that, you KEEP all your fat-burning muscle, to help you keep off fat for life.

Use these Sprint Conditioning Drills 2-4 times a week <= Includes Videos

Imagine how leaner you'll be after just a week of using this powerful combo of sprints and bodyweight complexes.

Get leaner FASTER by using the #1 exercise,

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

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