Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hybrid fat loss method from former US Marine Trainer

There’s just no sustainable way that someone can have a crap diet, and still look lean and athletic. Even the people with strange genetics.

Nutrition will always be the 80% and workouts will ALWAYS be 20%. Period.

However, the 20% of exercise is an irreplaceable 20%.

Its like Batman and Robin. Batman just wouldn’t be as exciting if Robin weren’t there.

Not to mention – Robin saves Batman’s life half the time.

Translating this back to nutrition and fitness. Nutrition, to me, simply wouldn’t be worth doing correctly if I didn’t lead a consistent fitness lifestyle.

They feed off of one another.

And that’s what’s really necessary for long-term leanness.

I’ve talked about the 3 simple things necessary for a remarkable

body transformation for years and years now.

1. Nutrition (diet, food intake, supplementation)

2. Cardiovascular work (intervals, bursting, strategic steady state aerobic exercise)

3. Strength and/or Resistance Training (free weights, machines, bodyweight training, metabolic circuits, etc.)

This proven formula will NEVER change.

But today I wanted to quickly focus on #3 because unless you do it RIGHT, you might end up with the wrong look.

Here’s what I mean.

Body Type #1: Strength and Size

If you lift heavy weight (3 to 5 reps), take long rest periods between sets (3 to 5 minutes) and focus on how much weight you can lift, rather than intensity, you’ll eventually end up with “thicker” muscles that look more “bulky” like a bodybuilder.

So if you want to look big, thick, and muscular, this is the type of training you should focus on.

Body Type #2: Endurance and Circuit Training

If you do high reps with lighter weights, take shorter rest periods (30 to 60 seconds) and focus on keeping your heart rate elevated, you’ll eventually end up looking like an endurance athlete.

So if you want to look “twiggy” and thin, focus on using this type of approach when you exercise.

Body Type #3: Aesthetic and Athletic

When you perform a strategic sequence of strength training combined with proper intensity AND proper resistance – together, you eventually end up with a lean, aesthetic, and athletic looking body.

Enter: Dynamic Density Superset Training™ (DDST™)

This new, innovative approach is a strategic form of resistance training.

It’s nothing like HIIT fat loss training.

It’s nothing like MRT (metabolic resistance training) fat loss training.

But it combines BOTH at the same-exact-time, which means you can KILL two birds with ONE stone.

And best of all, the exercises are strategically paired in order to stimulate lean-athletic muscle.

Here’s exactly why DDST™ is more effective than traditional circuit training AND gives you the benefits of HIIT (high intensity interval training), as well.

When the muscles face this particular type of resistance, they under-goe micro-trauma.

Micro-trauma is just a fancy word for microscopic tears in your muscles fibers.

Ya know - that “soreness” you feel a few days following a REAL good workout???

Yup…that’s what I’m talking about.

As your muscle tissue heals from these tears, the muscle absorbs energy in the form of amino acids, and even takes energy from fat cells to recover and adapt to future workouts.

Of course, this process automatically causes your metabolism to increase.

And that’s when thermogenesis (higher rate of fat burning) takes place.

But it’s applied using a brand new and revolutionized way that puts your muscles under maximum stress in minimum time to give you the “cover model” look.

DDST™ was invented and perfected by my friend and colleague Jason Klein.

Jason is a former Fitness Instructor for the United States Marine Corps.

His new DDST™ method was used as the primary form of strength training for the U.S. Marines and Sailors.

If you want to avoid the bulky, thick look but you don’t want to end up looking like a twiggy endurance athlete either.

THIS is your ticket:

The new DDST™ method used by military elite.


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