Friday, March 21, 2014

An important RANT about food

It’s time for some cold hard facts.

The average person will quit a “diet” after the first 3 months because of boredom, having to give up too much social life or because of not seeing results.

The average person is SCARED of eating foods they enjoy in fear of “gaining it all back” so they continue to eat the way they do simply out of fear itself.

Isn’t it important to have a GOOD relationship with food? Isn’t it important to be able to eat your favorite treats once in awhile?


The crazy thing is the average person will DAMAGE their metabolism by eating the traditional way while dieting: Low calories, cardio 6x per week and absolutely no nutritional manipulations based on bio-feedback.

However, there is an alternative — the solution — The long sought after Cycle Diet can reverse some of these negative side effects, allow the average person to enjoy food again, feel better overall and see results never seen before.

And today, that person is YOU.

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That’s correct. You are being given access to the ULTIMATE diet for less than the cost of movie for 2 with the overpriced popcorn.

Try out the Cycle Diet TODAY <<<<<< Access to the ULTIMATE diet.

Today is your chance to be a part of a different kettle of fish.

Today you can finally have the solution to staying in great shape as a lifestyle rather than a temporary phase every so often.

You won’t have to choose between having a life or being in shape.

You can finally feel at ease with sitting down to a smorgasbord of food…

Foods you love!

And all the while you are eating all these foods that are supposedly “harmful” to you and your metabolism, you can feel at ease knowing that this is all part of a bigger, better, superior plan that only a few are lucky to have.

It’s time to take that leap and find something truly remarkable. You deserve it!

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To Your Success,
Arthur M.

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