Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Easiest and Best Way To Lose Weight Permanently

Everyone knows the formula for losing weight.  Basically you take in fewer calories than you burn and you move it, move it, and move it!  Increase your fruits and vegetables; lower your sugar and fat intake and poof you begin to drop the pounds.  That is weight loss 101. It’s a pretty simple concept.  So why is it so darn hard?

Your first thought about losing weight comes as a New Year’s resolution, when you want to get ready for a special event and are embarrassed by the way you look, you overhear someone calling you fatty, your clothes don’t fit and you feel uncomfortable, you feel physically like ______ and are beginning to loathe yourself.  You most likely are in a rush to get it out of the way because you hate dieting.

The truth is the easiest way to lose weight is to get ready, prepared and motivated first before you start your diet.  You will find when you do it the right way your confidence builds even before you lose one pound.  When you know you have the tools and skills it changes despair into feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Whoever thought dieting could be a welcomed challenge?

When you are mentally prepared and ready to begin you soon realize the undeniable fact that YOUR BRAIN RULES!  You discover that we are all wired in such a way that it is impossible to have an action before you have a thought.  You think, “I feel like having chips,” before you eat them.  Right?  Stop right now and try it!  Proof positive I know what I’m talking about.

Look around.  Ninety percent of all people are gaining the weight back. What do the ten percent know that you don’t?  They have modeled people that have lifelong success. It could be their parents, a friend, a celebrity, it doesn’t matter who they learned it from it matters more that they are following their example.  I call them weight managers.  You see these are people that know how to maintain steady discipline.  We all know them.  You probably look at them and are envious.  What you don’t realize is that they are restricting their food intake everyday, and sure they would like to eat “bad foods” as much as anyone else but they know when to STOP!  They know how to flip the switch and it’s easy because they have integrated this successful formula into their everyday routine.  It’s so effortless that they don’t even know they are doing it.

I’m amazed to watch a weight manager go into a grocery store and see how they aren’t tempted and tortured when they see the chips and candy at the checkout isles.  They have programmed themselves to think healthy and put themselves on autopilot.  Next time you go to the store observe the choices of the person ahead of you.  Is their order mostly junk food or is it good quality foods.  Now look at their weight.  Is there a correlation between the two?  Go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and see what size people are there.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Weight managers can walk through a maze of temptations and walk out successfully with healthy, delicious foods.

Wouldn’t it be smart to let people that have proven success show you the way to the easiest and best way to lose weight permanently?

Cris Sorel, is co-author of the Diet Challenged? Finally Get It Done! Program.  This program has a unique strategy that has a psychologist, athlete and a personal coach that shows you how to get ready, motivated and excited to take on the weight loss challenge.  You can even use your own plan and get better, lasting results.  Visit their website at http://scrnch.me/2sift to learn how you can get it done effortlessly.

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