Saturday, February 22, 2014

Are you Weight Loss Challenged, Diet Challenged or Both?

Have you been weight loss challenged your entire life or are you one of those people that never gets that last 10 lbs off and have given up? We are talking about thousands of people that fill those shoes.

Are you diet challenged as well?  Many people try every diet plan under the sun and fail time and time again.  They are given a toolbox of behavior modifications to follow and they turn into little robots.  They follow the directions but can only stay the course for a short amount of time.  They quit because they aren’t getting results fast enough so their motivation crashes before they even get started.  Every time you bail out on your diet you lose confidence and hope gets sucked right out of you.

Chances are you are suffering from Diet Burn Out!  This is a common condition that feeds on itself.  The main underlying reason is fear of failure.  You are afraid you will fail so you don’t try, and if you do try you are so overwhelmed with thoughts of failure that you sabotage yourself and drop out.

First of all being weight challenged isn’t as bad as you may think.  All it means is you haven’t found your personal success formula yet.  Everyone has one.  You just have to uncover what it is that makes you behave in negative unhealthy ways and reverse them.  It is quite easy once you know how.

Second, you are probably diet challenged by now.  This is nothing to worry about either.  All you need to do is match yourself with a diet plan that fits your personality and lifestyle.  You have been trying to put a square peg into a round whole.  It doesn’t work.  You need to slow down and take the time to figure out what you need and want from a plan.  Good things are worth the wait.

I would venture to say that it wasn’t your fault you didn’t lose the weight, you just weren’t shown the way.  Once you start at the beginning and learn how to “keep your head in the game” and do some skill building you will begin to have faith that you will be able to put this weight loss thing behind you once and for all.   Your attitude will change and you will regain the hope and confidence that you lost.  When that happens you will look forward to the challenge.

You will find that there is so much more to you than the way you look today.   If you take a few days and work from the inside out the results will blow your mind and the weight will effortlessly melt away.  You see you were doing it all the wrong way.  When it’s done right you feel and look happy before you even start your diet plan.  This will enable you to move beyond weight loss and you will be able to challenge yourself and grow beyond your expectations.

Cris Sorel, co-author of Diet Challenged, Finally Get It Done! Program.  This program has a unique strategy that has a psychologist, athlete and a personal coach that shows you how to get ready, motivated and excited to take the weight loss challenge.  Team it up with any diet of your choice and you will get better, quicker and lasting results.  Visit her website at to learn more.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Lose Weight For Me! (Short Video)

This video was created to show you how your health effects more people than you realize. When you get the weight off and keep it off you are the ultimate winner!

The Diet Challenged program was created for people who start and stop dieting, lose and gain weight back and find dieting boring and difficult. We get in your head and re-train your brain to choose healthy foods by changing your thoughts and actions. It happens almost without you realizing it. This program brings laughter, joy and excitement into the dieting experience.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who Knows The Real Truth About Dieting?

A few months ago the media was frenzied about the fact that we have more diet plans, foods and products than ever before and the rate of obesity is still rising. We have taken trans fats out of our restaurants, lowered the amount of salt and have put calorie counts on our menus. Pretty much everyone has been educated at school and through the media not to eat fast food on a regular basis, sugars, fats, drink soda and so on. So here is the million-dollar question. Why are we getting fatter?

When we interviewed people their answers were always the same, “I can’t keep “my head in the game” for the long haul. I’m okay for the first 5 lbs. and I steadily go downhill from there. I get bored and tired of dieting. I get frustrated and disappointed in myself when I quit.”

So, the real truth about dieting is that it wasn’t the diet plan that stopped working it was you who stopped working the plan. This is biggest dirty little secret no one talks about. All diets work. Look around and you will find people that have success with every diet on the market. It’s more about what mental skills you develop so you are then able to change your behaviors permanently. Who enjoys being on a dieting emotional rollercoaster? I’ve never met anyone. Have you? That is torture and that is the truth.

Marketers know that if they keep the temptations in front of you by serving oversized portions, candy in checkout isles, commercials promoting fattening foods and bombard you with Internet seductions you will cave. That is the name of their game. In fact, the other day I was at the grocery store and in the deli section there were 15 dishes, 13 of them were made with mayonnaise. Why? Because they are cheap to make and people crave the fat in them. You simply can’t get away from the influx of bad food temptations in your life. (When I was a young mom there was a movement to keep candy and junk food out of the check out isles at the grocery store. It was heaven and now it’s hell.) So there you have another dirty little secret.

The real truth is that you need to put your combat boots on and fight back with real knowledge, tools and skills so you can stop the craziness in your life once and for all.

Would you wake up one day, open your front door and run in a marathon race that was going past your house and expect to finish? NO! So why do you keep setting yourself up for failure over and over again?

The answer is right in front of you. Everyone is looking in all the wrong places. If you were to get mentally and physically “in the game” first, like a runner would, you would not only learn how to conquer your weight, but it would be an exciting, rewarding and an exhilarating experience. You would then be able to take those skills and knowledge and translate them into other challenges in your life such as; stopping smoking, feeling comfortable speaking in public; being organized, relationship building, improved performance at work or at school, just to name a few. You see, once you uncover your personal success formula there is no end to what can be accomplished.

You now know the real truth about dieting. It’s time to get rid of the myth that the diet plan failed. The truth is you need direction on how to get it done right.

Cris Sorel is co-author of the Diet Challenged? Finally Get it Done! Program. She has gathered a group of professionals to help train, almost effortlessly, weight challenged people on how to get lasting results with any diet plan of their choice. You can visit their website at and learn more about this unique and successful approach to weight loss.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Easiest and Best Way To Lose Weight Permanently

Everyone knows the formula for losing weight.  Basically you take in fewer calories than you burn and you move it, move it, and move it!  Increase your fruits and vegetables; lower your sugar and fat intake and poof you begin to drop the pounds.  That is weight loss 101. It’s a pretty simple concept.  So why is it so darn hard?

Your first thought about losing weight comes as a New Year’s resolution, when you want to get ready for a special event and are embarrassed by the way you look, you overhear someone calling you fatty, your clothes don’t fit and you feel uncomfortable, you feel physically like ______ and are beginning to loathe yourself.  You most likely are in a rush to get it out of the way because you hate dieting.

The truth is the easiest way to lose weight is to get ready, prepared and motivated first before you start your diet.  You will find when you do it the right way your confidence builds even before you lose one pound.  When you know you have the tools and skills it changes despair into feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Whoever thought dieting could be a welcomed challenge?

When you are mentally prepared and ready to begin you soon realize the undeniable fact that YOUR BRAIN RULES!  You discover that we are all wired in such a way that it is impossible to have an action before you have a thought.  You think, “I feel like having chips,” before you eat them.  Right?  Stop right now and try it!  Proof positive I know what I’m talking about.

Look around.  Ninety percent of all people are gaining the weight back. What do the ten percent know that you don’t?  They have modeled people that have lifelong success. It could be their parents, a friend, a celebrity, it doesn’t matter who they learned it from it matters more that they are following their example.  I call them weight managers.  You see these are people that know how to maintain steady discipline.  We all know them.  You probably look at them and are envious.  What you don’t realize is that they are restricting their food intake everyday, and sure they would like to eat “bad foods” as much as anyone else but they know when to STOP!  They know how to flip the switch and it’s easy because they have integrated this successful formula into their everyday routine.  It’s so effortless that they don’t even know they are doing it.

I’m amazed to watch a weight manager go into a grocery store and see how they aren’t tempted and tortured when they see the chips and candy at the checkout isles.  They have programmed themselves to think healthy and put themselves on autopilot.  Next time you go to the store observe the choices of the person ahead of you.  Is their order mostly junk food or is it good quality foods.  Now look at their weight.  Is there a correlation between the two?  Go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and see what size people are there.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Weight managers can walk through a maze of temptations and walk out successfully with healthy, delicious foods.

Wouldn’t it be smart to let people that have proven success show you the way to the easiest and best way to lose weight permanently?

Cris Sorel, is co-author of the Diet Challenged? Finally Get It Done! Program.  This program has a unique strategy that has a psychologist, athlete and a personal coach that shows you how to get ready, motivated and excited to take on the weight loss challenge.  You can even use your own plan and get better, lasting results.  Visit their website at to learn how you can get it done effortlessly.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The 3 DIRTY Secrets Of The Biggest Loser TV Show

America’s love for reality TV has boosted the ratings for shows like The Biggest Loser.

The 3 DIRTY Secrets Of The Biggest Loser TV Show

And with 7 million viewers tuning on to see the latest winner, it seems like the love-affair will continue.

But, there are some secrets – DIRTY ones – that you don’t get to see during the 2 hour show.  And these secrets could be a game-changer for your fat loss…

The 3 DIRTY Secrets Of The Biggest Loser TV Show

To Your Success,

Arthur M.