Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to burn the most calories possible (simple tweak)

Today I want to give you a chance to get your hands on the EXACT program you need to get your body in BETTER condition BEFORE the New Year even starts.

This guide will provide the perfect workouts to use so you can hit the sweet spot of fat-loss even before the holidays begin... all while building lean, defined muscle.

Look, you may already be feeling holiday stress, you don’t need to add to it by having long workouts or worse yet, NO workouts because you ‘don’t have time’.

With stress (even the stress from a long workout), your adrenal glands pump out cortisol, the fat storing hormone. You need a plan for quick and effective workouts.

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Here’s exactly how it works.

When you use Shawna’s 20-minute complexes, you’ll automatically "shift" your hormones into fat-burning mode WITHOUT stressing out your adrenal glands which release fat-storing cortisol with long workouts.

...And it has nothing to do with just shortening your workouts.

Inside this system you’ll discover a new and different way to train that will:

-replace boring cardio

-improve your athleticism

-build muscle

-boost metabolism

-burn fat

This extreme fat-burning method strategically "spares" hormones, like growth hormone, by using a specific combination of strength training and "just enough" high intensity exercise to hit the SWEET SPOT of fat-burning.

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Now, you do these simple to follow workouts right in the comfort of your own home. You’ll get coaching videos to guide you through each workout.

- NO need to spend time in holiday traffic.
- NO need for fancy equipment: just a barbell, a set of dumb bells and a KB.
- NO excuses.

Just get your workout done in 20 minutes or less.

You’ll love how you look and feel at the start of the New Year when everyone else is 8 – 13 lbs heavier.

So do yourself a big favor.

Grab Challenge Complexes and get abs for Christmas in just 20 minutes a day.

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The way I see it you basically have two choices...

CHOICE #1: Wait until after New Year’s, get fatter, regret you didn’t take action sooner, and try your best to get in great shape AFTER the holidays.


CHOICE #2: Start using Shawna’s Challenge Complexes today and take advantage of the PERFECT plan and strategy to guarantee you’ll be looking and feeling great by New Year’s and beyond.

Hmmmm...seems like an OBVIOUS choice to me :-)

Get the entire system and thank me later:

==> Start getting your body ready for the New Year NOW’s either the pain of taking action RIGHT now, or the bigger pain of regret after the holidays.

Arthur M.

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