Saturday, December 14, 2013

Discover The Secret To Incinerating Fat All Night Long !

On Dec 8 ( I shared how high-intensity training, the correct nutrition and focusing on fat loss is the best way to help you sculpt an awesome body. In today's email, I want to share with you a very powerful secret tip which can really help you burn even MORE fat effectively.

I am talking about a tip so powerful that it helped a client 36 year old Marc Soffer to lose several inches from his belly in just 9 weeks. Marc, like most people trying to shift belly fat, trained frequently and ate healthy portions of balanced meals...

However, by making just ONE simple change to his workouts, he went from having a flabby gut to a 6-pack in less than 9 weeks and he did it using excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Now before you click away, let me explain that EPOC is simply your body's way of burning even MORE calories AFTER a workout during the 'afterburn period' where if you use the right techniques, you can literally burn fat while you sleep!

Put it this way, it's a long-held and common belief that spending hours doing boring cardio is the fastest way to burn fat...but in actual fact, it's the single most misleading fat burning myth ever!

The truth is the afterburn effect for long cardio only lasts around 3-4 hours, compared with up to 48 hours if you do high-intensity workouts which create the EPOC effect. It's so powerful that a short session of high-intensity activity will help boost your metabolism and burn fat while you sleep!

I can GUARANTEE that most people in your position have never even heard of EPOC. And if you want to know how to incorporate the EPOC effect in your workouts, then you simply alternate short periods of intense work with short periods of recovery...that's it!

The great thing about this type of training is you can apply it to any type of exercise, including strength training - so make sure you use this technique to burn even more fat from your body today!

Click here to see a video presentation on how you can get start creating amazing afterburn effects for your workouts.

Here's to your success,

Arthur M.

PS - Look out for my next post when I reveal easy ways to burn fat with the food you eat - make sure you tune in to find out how!

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