Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Are You Aware Of The Pros and Cons of Getting A Lean Body?

Monday, I revealed a few very simple changes in your ab workouts will boost your 6-pack. However, today I'll discuss some of the pro's and con's of the best fat burning strategies around...

Weight loss is simple in principle - burn up the calories you consume and exercise; however if you are only running on a treadmill every day guess what will happen?

You'll lose valuable muscle as well as fat! Your goal is to lose fat not muscle! Your training routine should include a variation of exercises and training strategies which will result in melting fat from your body, building lean muscle and conditioning your body.

You could try dieting only, but as you may already have worked out, dieting in the long run won't help define your body. Worse still, despite losing some weight initially, dieting alone will actually slow your metabolism down, making it even harder to lose fat!

Maybe you might decide to try a home workout DVD, which will certainly help you add more variety to your workouts... however, the truth about these workouts are that most are focused on long, cardio routines which not only eat into your precious time and muscle, but they also don't show you how to eat properly!

You might decide to join a weight loss class which is great for making friends...but not much else! That's because they focus on weight loss and not fat loss, plus, they always push long cardio as being the answer - the very thing which will EAT into your muscles giving you a soft, undefined look and exactly what you're trying to avoid!

You could hire a personal trainer which would be an excellent investment because you'd benefit from one-on-one time to really take your body to the next level. However, personal training is VERY expensive and unless you can afford to keep hiring one, it becomes difficult to maintain your results.

Or perhaps you might consider taking a proper program that addresses the need for short, powerful, high-intensity workouts as well as tailoring a nutritional plan for your needs.

A program such as lovesexyabs will help you blast fat in less than three 45 minute sessions a week and will sculpt your body to defined perfection in no time at all. Not only will you get all the tools you need to burn fat around the clock, but you'll learn how to eat to burn fat properly!

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Here's to your fat-fighting success,

Arthur M.

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