Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Age is NO excuse for belly fat!

My good friend and super hot trainer (who’s also the OLDEST hard body I know) says: ‘Age is only a number and NEVER an excuse for excessive belly fat or being inactive. I hope your belly fat is listening here.’

It should be easier to take advice from someone who’s a little older that’s walking the walk.

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It’s easier to dismiss advice when it comes from a trainer in their 20’s, one that hasn’t bore children, changed careers, had life experiences or otherwise been on the planet for more than a few decades. When you hear this from someone who isn’t a spring chicken, then your belly fat should be getting a little nervous.

Shawna has proven that there are multiple ways to maintain super high intensity workouts to get rid of YOUR belly fat while respecting your body. It’s not wise to go crazy on stupid training protocols whatever your age. You need to increase intensity to workouts slowly in a progressive manner that helps you avoid an injury disaster.

You’ll get the results you're after without the aging aches and pains you may think you’ll get with her intense workouts.

Take a page from Shawna K’s book, which by the way as visible abs year round without crazy dieting or training all day long. She has this for you:

Here’s a month of fun home workouts for you to use to kick your belly fat to the curb. You’ll need about 20 minutes with very little equipment and space.

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Challenge Complexes is a new program just released that uses minimum equipment to burn fat, boost metabolism AND build muscle in workouts that are 20 minutes or less.

Honestly, Shawna is one of the MOST respected trainers out there. Like I said, her body speaks for itself, she clearly knows a thing or ten about training.

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Arthur M.

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