Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to burn 33% more fat in the SAME workout

There’s just ONE little tweak you can do to ANY workout to get burn 33% MORE FAT.

A study from the University of Pittsburgh showed that those who work out with a partner lose 33% MORE weight than those who go it alone.

Imagine hitting play on your device (even your phone) and cycling through ANY of Mike Whitfield’s Ab Finishers and getting coached every rep of the way to finally target lower belly fat.

That’s just ONE reason to get Mike’s brand NEW Ab Finishers 2.0 with high quality follow-along videos today.

You’ll also get instant access to 8 weeks of transformation workouts including Metabolic Shock 2.0 and Finishers XT to strip off fat fast.

Can you imagine what your abs will look like when you combine these full workouts and any of the ab finishers?

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And these full workouts come with follow-along videos, too!

And here are 9 more reasons you need his Ab Finishers 2.0 system…

# 9 – ZERO EQUIPMENT options for the Entire Program!

Unlike other programs, Mike over-delivered by giving you a zero-equipment option with every finisher AND workout. So now you have NO excuses.

# 8 – You Can Plug these Ab Finishers with ANY Workout

Whether you’re on a full body workout plan or a bodybuilding program or even working out at home, you can plug ANY of these finishers in with your favorite workouts to burn fat faster and get ab definition at the same time. They take 10 minutes or less!

# 7 – NEW and Never-Seen-Before Ab Moves

“Around the World”, “Plank Jacks” and more will hit your abs like never before, forcing them to work harder (which creates definition and flattens your belly). And the best part is that you’ll complete each rep with Mike and his trainers (includes photos, too).

Last chance => Get the best Ab Finishers Ever Created

# 6 – Metabolic Shock 2.0 and Finishers XT Bonuses!

If you need a full workout system to go with your NEW Ab Finishers, Mike has you covered. You’ll get 8 weeks of full workouts including Metabolic Shock 2.0 and Finishers XT.

In Metabolic Shock 2.0, you’ll experience NEW training methods to get an adrenaline rush and a big metabolic boost.

In Finishers XT, Mike throws everything at you, including metabolic training, density training and more.

Imagine yourself going through these workouts while adding any of the finishers and what you’ll look like after just 8 weeks.

# 5 – FULL Done-for-You Meal Plans for Men and Women Bonus!

Mike teamed up with Lori Kennedy, fat loss nutrition expert, to bring you PROVEN done-for-you meal plans for both men and women.

This gives you the full package to make a drastic change in just 14 days.

=> Get the BEST AB Finishers Ever Created + Your Meal Plans

# 4 – Your Off Day “Secret Sauce”

“Stay active on your off day” is tough for most people like you that want faster results. Mentally, you’re thinking you must do something.

The good news is that you can perform ONE finisher on your off day and sure, you’ll burn calories, but more importantly, you’ll make smarter decisions because of the hormones you release by the short, intense bout of exercise.

# 3 – The Sprint Conditioning for Abs Bonus!

The set and rep schemes to stimulate fat loss inside his finishers are great, but wait until you try Mike’s Sprint Conditioning workouts that focus on your abs. These “hybrids” of sprints and the best ab exercises will burn calories while targeting lower belly fat.

You’re lucky – he’s decided to keep this bonus during this special offer!

Ends Today => Sprint Conditioning for Abs Bonus

# 2 – Get an EXACT Day-to-Day 8-Week Plan

Mikey has put together a simple, easy-to-follow 8 week plan that tells you exactly what to do on what days so there is no guess work! He lays it out for you, including your off days!

# 1 – The 52% Discount Sale Ends Today

You’ll get all 51 NEW AB Finishers, 8 weeks of FULL transformation workouts, done-for-you meal plans, Sprint Conditioning for Abs and all the follow-along videos right now for less than a night out.

But this special offer ENDS TONIGHT.

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Look, I wouldn’t recommend Mikey’s Ab Finishers if I knew it was just another program. But Mikey has an inspirational story of his own of losing OVER 100 POUNDS and his unique approach to his workouts and finishers have already helped thousands of people just like this…

“I’ve been using the finishers and have lost 7 pounds in two weeks and my endurance has gone through the roof. Thanks for the great finishers and the motivation to keep pushing!”

=> Gregg Willett

Discover these unique Ab Finishers here

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

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