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9 pounds in 7 days: Is it really possible?

9 pounds in 7 days? Is it really possible (we’re talking about fat, not just weight)? Most rapid fat loss plans are a disaster and practically beg your body for rebound weight gain. But not this one…

… and you’ll get the exact day-to-day plan to do it.

7 Days to a Flatter Stomach with a Step-by-Step Formula

Mike Whitfield, CTT
Contributor to the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs

2012 TT Trainer of the Year

After working with hundreds of private coaching clients, I truly have “perfected” the ultimate 7-day workout formula.

You know the story. You need a jumpstart… or perhaps you fell off the wagon pretty hard the last few weeks. One missed workout turned into 3 weeks of missing workouts, which turned into 6 weeks of working out inconsistently, etc., etc.

We’ve all been there. And for my private clients, it was usually after a vacation binge… or just before vacation (especially if you’re going to the beach) ;)

So, here is the exact formula I used when I set up an aggressive 7-day workout plan to help them get in amazing shape in just 7 days…

Warning – This is NOT for everyone.

And you should NOT do this week in and week out. It’s just simply too much. But consider this your “emergency template”.

It’s set up to where you can give each day your best shot and the ultimate combination of…

Metabolic Resistance Training (You’ll discover the truth behind this approach, too)

Finisher Stacking

Metabolic Conditioning

Interval Training


Yes. You’re going to do ALL of this in one week BUT STRATEGICALLY.

This formula does work… in fact, I had a client named Nancy that lost 9 pounds in 7 days using this formula. This was the jumpstart she needed to continue and now she’s a trainer herself! Can you imagine getting this jumpstart?

Hey, I’m Mike Whitfield, Finishers Expert and Contributor to the Mens Health Big Book of Getting Abs and you have seen my work on the Mens Health Blog, Turbulence Training Blog, Atlanta Journal & Constitution and more.

But it wasn’t always that way… In fact, just 10 years ago, I was 300 pounds, wearing 46 inch pants and XXXL shirts.

You’ll discover how I lost 105 pounds later on, but first, you’re reading this for a reason.

You want flatter abs WITHOUT losing muscle in 7 days. But let me be clear. This isn’t a “miracle” plan. It’s aggressive and it works, but it will take a commitment on your part… cool?

Awesome, let’s get started…

Day 1 – Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT)

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is using compound movements, non-competing supersets and circuits with short rest periods. Focus on the 8-12 rep range, with the higher rep ranges (15-20) with bodyweight movements.

You’ll want to do your heavier lifts at the beginning of this workout when your muscles are fresh.

After your MRT session, you’ll want to do an Ab Finisher that takes 10 minutes or less.

An Ab Finisher is VERY high-intensity work to keep your heart rate elevated, while at the same time using cutting-edge exercises that not only makes your abs stronger, but gives them more definition. Here’s a good place to use non-conventional ab exercises like “Around the World”, High-Rep DB Rows and even Hand Step-ups.

Day 2 – A “Stack” of 2-3 Ab Finishers

On this day, you’ll perform NO more than 3 ab finishers in a row. Again, you’re focusing on keeping your heart rate elevated to boost metabolism, while using the best ab exercises to focus on your abs. The good news is that these finishers will also help you with your main lifts, too. Rest 1-2 minutes between each finisher. You can imagine the power of “stacking” 3 of these Ab Finishers after reading this study…

Participants performed a density style Ab finisher using bodyweight exercises for only 4 minutes. The participants burned an average of 13.5 calories per minute (some participants burned even more!) and doubling their metabolic rate for at least 30 minutes AFTER.

Day 3 – Interval Training

Yeah, I like finishers better than interval training, but remember, this is 7 days. We’re throwing everything at you. I found with my clients that shorter bursts with longer recovery periods worked even faster. So, you could do 20 seconds of high intensity followed by 40 seconds of recovery. Do this for 10-12 rounds.

Day 4 – Metabolic Resistance Training

The same as day 1, but use different exercises and rep ranges. So if you did Squats for 8 reps on day 1, you can do lunges for 12 reps on each side on this day. The same goes for other muscle groups.

Day 5 - Metabolic Conditioning Training

I prefer a density circuit here to change things up and bring something new, which will help you get faster results. Density circuits will also allow you to put in more work in less time.

For example, you could have a circuit of Goblet

Squats, Chin-ups and Offset Pushups. You would do as many rounds as possible in a certain timeframe. The only rest you get is when your form gets sloppy.

Bonus tip – use exercises that also force your core to work harder like the offset lunge. That’s how I create my full workout programs, too.

Day 6 – A Stack of 2-3 Ab Finishers

On this day, it’s REALLY important to choose different finishers  than you did on Day 2. Remember, in these 7 days, you want to focus on bringing a NEW stimulus so your body takes longer to return to a normal state. So if you chose density circuits for day 2, then on day 6, you could use ladders or gauntlets. The idea is to make your body and abs work hard, but under different circumstances.

That’s the beauty of using a variety of finishers… as long as they are different, you’ll get that stimulus you need.

Day 7 –Sprint Training

Leave it all on the table here. Obviously, warm up thoroughly with 3-4 sprints at a 50, 60, 70, 80% intensity FIRST. I prefer hill sprints and aim for around 30 yards. Be sure to rest for 1-2 minutes between sprints as they take a while to recover and you’ll want to give your best effort so that your body burns calories for hours afterwards.

And if you really want to focus on your abs (stubborn area for most), then you could do an Ab Finisher after your sprints.

Now I want to share with you what Ab Finishers are all about, along with some shocking studies that prove just how well they work for creating amazing ab strength, and of course, make them more defined.

It’s a “hybrid” approach of finishers (extreme conditioning) and “out-of-the-box” ab exercises that have been discovered recently.

The Ab Finishers I’m About To Share With You Are Not For Everyone

If you think your genetics will never allow you to reveal your abs or you need long “ab routines” with a strict diet to lose belly fat, than the ab finishers you’re about to discover are not for you.

However, if you’re willing to just tighten up a little on your diet and you have an open mind, then click below to see exactly how Ab Finishers can be used with ANY program, including your favorite workouts.

You’ll also discover a NEW way to suppress your appetite WITHOUT any pills or powders, and you’ll do it in 10 minutes or less.

They are fun, PROVEN and I practice what I preach… I use them myself:

See my before/after photos here plus you’ll see EXACTLY how Ab Finishers work and the studies behind them.

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