Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Unlock Your Fat Loss Potential With These 3 Little Known Secrets...

What if I were to tell you that most people hold themselves back from achieving their maximum fat loss potential because they neglect 3 specific components from their exercise routine...

These 3 components I am about to share with you are responsible for millions of people not getting the results they want from their exercise routine...

And the reason why you are only hearing about them now is because this is new information that most trainers haven't even heard of?

My friend and fat loss expert Tyler Bramlett sent me this short article that describes the 3 key components that are missing from 99% of exercise routines.

Check it out...
3 Key Components Missing From 99% Of Exercise Routines...
By Tyler Bramlett, Fat Loss Expert
Creator Of The
Bodyweight Flow System

I’ll never forget the moment I realized that something was missing... It was a cold foggy day nearly a decade ago when I entered the gym ready to give everything I had to my workout...

At that point in my life I was still overweight and I remember feeling depressed each and every day I had to look at myself in the mirror.

I had been exercising regularly for the last 2 years but still hadn't seen the results I wanted from all the hard work I was putting in...

On that day, as I began my workout I remember looking at one of the other gym goers in awe of the amazing results he was getting. He was lean, strong and had a body anyone would be more then happy with.

I thought to myself... “What am I doing wrong? Was it my workouts, my efforts or my genetics that were holding me back?”

On thing was for sure... I knew I was missing something!

It took me almost 5 years from that point to realize EXACTLY what he had that I didn’t, and in that time I not only educated myself on the missing key’s I am about to share with you, I also transformed my body to finally look the way I wanted it to.

So... What are these missing keys that are holding you back from getting the results you really want?

Missing Key #1 - The Ability To Generate Maximum Contraction

One of my early mentors, a world class powerlifting coach is known for saying, “Strength = Tension (i.e. Contraction) = Tone”.

To him the equation was simple... Regardless of your current body size, the harder you can contract your muscles, the more metabolic you become and the better results you will get.

Research now shows that world class athletes use roughly 30-50% of their available muscular strength while “average” people only have access to roughly 15%.

That’s a huge difference!!! That means on average a high level athlete can contract their muscles twice as hard as you and will burn twice as much energy (i.e. fat) in the process.

So... How do you fix it? I’ll get to that in a sec, first let me share with you key #2...

Missing Key #2 - Controlled Flexibility

Flexibility is worthless unless you have the ability to generate tension (i.e. contract your muscles) throughout the full range of motion.

Imagine 2 people... One can squat below parallel with perfect form, while the other maybe only 1/2 way down. Who do you think will get better results from their workout if their set’s and reps are the same?

The first person will have traveled twice the distance as the second if all other variables remain equal. This means, more muscle used, more energy burned and ultimately way better results!

I’m not just talking about stretching either, but more on that in a sec... First let’s tackle key #3...

Missing Key #3 - Your Subconscious Coordination

Subconscious coordination, sometimes referred to as unconscious competence is your ability to coordinate your body to move perfectly WITHOUT you having to think about it. The people you watch consistently get better results then you were likely born with the ability to learn any movement with little to no effort, meanwhile you might be watching and think, “I’ll never be able to do that”.

Well... You’re Wrong!!!!

YOU can be just like them... YOU can unlock your physical potential and YOU can do it by learning how to improve your contraction control (KEY #1), your controlled flexibility (KEY #2) and your subconscious coordination (KEY #3).

How the heck do you do that?

That’s the good news!

Over the last 5 years I have been stringing together specific sequences of unique bodyweight exercises that allow your body to subconsciously learn the 3 missing key’s above.

==> Learn How To Master These 3 Missing Key’s Here

These Metabolic Bodyweight Flows are easy to perform but hard to describe...

If you can imagine a combination of advanced dynamic mobility and hardcore yoga put together into very specific 2-3 minute sequences, then you will have a small idea about what I am talking about.

Either way, the secret is out... It’s not your efforts, your workouts or your genetics holding you back, but rather your ability to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.

If your smart and choose to integrate the 3 missing keys above into your exercise routine, you will notice an immediate difference in the results you will be able to get from your workouts!
I couldn’t agree more with Tyler on this one... He’s a super smart guy who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to helping you get better results from your workouts!

Plus... This week only his new program which teaches you the easy way to master the 3 missing keys above is on sale for 58% off!

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To Your Fat Loss Success, 
Arthur M.

P.S. Tyler didn’t want to leave you hanging without showing you exactly what his unique sequences look like, so he promised me that he would share a free video tomorrow that shows you in detail one of his Metabolic Ignition Sequences. Until then, if you wanna learn the 3 keys above the easy way then CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

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