Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Get 21% FASTER fat-loss (use these 3 simple steps)

I had one of the best workouts in my life yesterday. Every movement felt right, and it just seemed like I had unlimited energy.

I can't fully take the credit for this great workout though...

You see, I recently discovered a brand new pre-workout technique called Metabolic Ignition Sequences...

It fixes a very scary problem most people face when trying to burn fat with exercise: poor muscle activation.

Did you know that average people, just like you and me, only have access to a measly 15% of our total muscular strength?

This means it can take 20 minutes or longer for you to access fat as a fuel source. Noooot good.

Well, this unique new approach I've recently started using forces your body to use a whopping 30-50% of your total muscular strength.

In fact, TWO different studies prove you can use this method to increase "oxygen uptake" by 21.4%, which means you can access stubborn fat 21% faster than normal.

All in only 2-3 minutes.

So who are the geniuses behind the protocol that gives crazy results in just a couple minutes? Tyler Bramlett and Sylvia Favela - authors of the Bodyweight Flow MiS System.

The best thing about their system is that you don't actually have to change anything in your current routine.

Simply add their 2-3 minute Metabolic Ignition Sequences...

... Pass "go", and collect your 21% faster fat-loss.

Important announcement: to celebrate the release of their new program, Tyler and Sylvia decided to offer it at more than 50% OFF.

They even decided to add a 7 Day Rapid-Fat Burning "Flow" Nutrition Guide that works hand-in-hand with the MiS System. But here's the thing... this incredible bonus is only available TODAY during this special launch celebration:

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Here's how I recommend using these 2-3 minutes Metabolic Ignition Sequences (MiS) in your workouts starting TODAY:

1. Add them to each one of your workouts to burn up to 21.4% more fat, thanks to the incredible muscle activation you'll get (forget about slow, boring cardio).

2. Continue doing your favorite workouts, but enjoy the extra edge this new sequences give you.

3. Use these MiS to your "off days" to burn fat all week and even recover faster than ever before (only takes 2-3 minutes, so it won't take up all your schedule at all).

4. Use them when travelling, or whenever you just have no time to exercise. They take 2-3 minutes to perform... your body fat simply has no chance of winning the battle :)

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Let me know how you feel after adding these to your workouts.

Enjoy the fat burning,

Arthur M.

PS - This system is not just another marketing fad. Make sure you check out the dozens of incredible transformations that Tyler and Sylvia helped their clients achieve...

One of them, Mariko, has completely changed her physique in only 6 weeks. Incredible.

Thanks to this system:

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