Wednesday, August 28, 2013

“Ninja” HIIT-cardio trick melts stubborn fat…

If you've struggled to melt the last 10 pounds of stubborn fat, I highly recommend you try this "Ninja" HIIT-cardio trick for the next 4 weeks...

"Ninja" HIIT-Cardio Trick <== Melts stubborn fat

This little-known strategy is perfect for uncovering your shredded abs and chiseled body. It definitely works!

No excuses... it's time to reveal your best physique ever!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lean Body Workouts Sale ENDS TONIGHT!

Just a quick reminder if you haven’t picked up Holly Rigsby’s Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts on sale. The price goes up tonight!

I’m really excited about this particular DVD system because it’s all about getting lean. It’s not just about basic weight loss. The programs are designed to give you that really fit look. See what I mean HERE.

By the way, Holly’s got a great money-back guarantee on this DVD set so it’s one of those things every busy mom should just give a try. And, don’t worry, the return policy is not complicated. :-)

Get all the details and see for yourself if Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts is the right choice for you. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree it is…

Click Here to Find Out

To Your Success,

Arthur M.

P.S. – Remember, be sure to get your Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts DVD Set while it’s still on sale – ENDS TONIGHT!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I love this quote…

This week Holly Rigsby’s Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts is on sale.

On the information page, she has a quote that I just love:

“If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You.”

Isn’t that great?!

Like Holly says, “It gives me a really positive outlook and being challenged. As mothers, we’re faced with new challenges each day. We need to learn to embrace those challenges and look at the growth and opportunity they provide…

At the same token, when it comes to our workouts we need to make sure they’re challenging us physically, mentally, and emotionally to get better for our families and ourselves. With that in mind, I created my latest workout program and dedicated it to busy moms like you who are ready for a new challenge. Get ready to LOOK, FEEL and BE your very best…”

That’s what her Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts are all about!

Plus, Holly always provides level modifications so you can be confident and comfortable knowing you’re challenging your body at a level that’s appropriate for YOU.

I can’t recommend Holly’s latest DVD system enough. See it for yourself HERE.

To Your Success,

Arthur M.

P.S. – Remember, be sure to get your Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts DVD Set while it’s still on sale – ENDS TOMORROW!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WHY Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts is FAR BETTER than other DVDs

Yesterday, busy moms fat loss expert Holly Rigsby just released her latest DVD set – Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts

These workouts are specifically designed for:

* Maximum Fat Burn Around the Belly, Hips, Thighs and Arms

* Developing that “Long and Lean” Look That Women (and their Husbands ;-) Love

Best of all, these TESTED & PROVEN workouts only take 15-20 minutes 3 days per week!

Today, I wanted to share some of the details with you that make this DVD set special – better than the hundreds of DVDs you can find in the local department store or online elsewhere…

With your Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts DVD Pack you’ll get all 3 Workout DVDs, each packed with 2 challenging workouts that will burn belly fat and reshape your body with unique and fun, total body exercises to follow along to as Holly coaches you through each movement perfectly so you get maximum results with correct form.

These Fit Yummy Mummy workout DVDs don’t just teach you theory and then leave you to struggle as you try to figure out how to implement it on your own.

Instead, Holly is right there beside you through every workout in the Fit Yummy Mummy patented Learn It – Do It sequence that explains how you can increase the workout intensity if needed or how to modify to meet any fitness level.

Learn It – Prior to the start of each follow along workout, Holly will demonstrate each exercise to make sure you know proper form and suggest modifications as needed.

Do It – Follow Holly as she takes you through a quick warm up to prep your body for the challenge of your FYM workout. Then the fun begins at the start of each workout. Holly coaches you through a full, strength based workout, giving you coaching tips along the way with the motivation to stay focused and finish strong.

I love the Learn It – Do It format. I know you will, too.

Learn more about the Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts HERE and start doing them right away!

To Your Success,

Arthur M.

P.S. – Everybody loves a good sale! Be sure to get your Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts DVD Set while it’s still on sale this week!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Everyday Calorie Burners

Everyday Calorie Burners

Hoop Yourself Slim With This Hula-Hoop Workout -

Hoop Yourself Slim With This Hula-Hoop Workout -

How to Burn Calories at Home -

How to Burn Calories at Home -

Home Kickboxing Revolution

Home Kickboxing Revolution
Burn 13.3 Calories EVERY Minute with Fun, Fast, and Effective Home Kickboxing Exercises That Require ZERO Equipment

Try these workouts to get LEAN!

Busy moms fat loss expert Holly Rigsby just released her latest DVD set – Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts

These workouts are specifically designed for:

* Maximum Fat Burn Around the Belly, Hips, Thighs and Arms

* Developing that “Long and Lean” Look That Women (and their Husbands ;-) Love

Best of all, these TESTED & PROVEN workouts only take 15-20 minutes 3 days per week!

If you want some new workouts that WILL blast body fat, lean you out, and upgrade your body to the best you’ve ever had, then check out Holly’s new Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts DVD set HERE.

To Your Success,

Arthur M.

P.S. - These workouts are designed specifically for BUSY moms who want to look and feel their best. If that’s you, then check them out HERE while they’re ON SALE.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Every Seven Days Fat Loss

Every Seven Days Fat Loss

Fat Loss System That Produces Results That Can Be Measured Every 7 Days To Build The Ideal Lean And Defined Physique As Fast As Possible.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Get 21% FASTER fat-loss (use these 3 simple steps)

I had one of the best workouts in my life yesterday. Every movement felt right, and it just seemed like I had unlimited energy.

I can't fully take the credit for this great workout though...

You see, I recently discovered a brand new pre-workout technique called Metabolic Ignition Sequences...

It fixes a very scary problem most people face when trying to burn fat with exercise: poor muscle activation.

Did you know that average people, just like you and me, only have access to a measly 15% of our total muscular strength?

This means it can take 20 minutes or longer for you to access fat as a fuel source. Noooot good.

Well, this unique new approach I've recently started using forces your body to use a whopping 30-50% of your total muscular strength.

In fact, TWO different studies prove you can use this method to increase "oxygen uptake" by 21.4%, which means you can access stubborn fat 21% faster than normal.

All in only 2-3 minutes.

So who are the geniuses behind the protocol that gives crazy results in just a couple minutes? Tyler Bramlett and Sylvia Favela - authors of the Bodyweight Flow MiS System.

The best thing about their system is that you don't actually have to change anything in your current routine.

Simply add their 2-3 minute Metabolic Ignition Sequences...

... Pass "go", and collect your 21% faster fat-loss.

Important announcement: to celebrate the release of their new program, Tyler and Sylvia decided to offer it at more than 50% OFF.

They even decided to add a 7 Day Rapid-Fat Burning "Flow" Nutrition Guide that works hand-in-hand with the MiS System. But here's the thing... this incredible bonus is only available TODAY during this special launch celebration:

==> 3 ways to burn fat 21% FASTER in only 2-3 minutes + 58% off MiS System

Here's how I recommend using these 2-3 minutes Metabolic Ignition Sequences (MiS) in your workouts starting TODAY:

1. Add them to each one of your workouts to burn up to 21.4% more fat, thanks to the incredible muscle activation you'll get (forget about slow, boring cardio).

2. Continue doing your favorite workouts, but enjoy the extra edge this new sequences give you.

3. Use these MiS to your "off days" to burn fat all week and even recover faster than ever before (only takes 2-3 minutes, so it won't take up all your schedule at all).

4. Use them when travelling, or whenever you just have no time to exercise. They take 2-3 minutes to perform... your body fat simply has no chance of winning the battle :)

==> 58% off MiS System <----- Sale Ends Soon

Let me know how you feel after adding these to your workouts.

Enjoy the fat burning,

Arthur M.

PS - This system is not just another marketing fad. Make sure you check out the dozens of incredible transformations that Tyler and Sylvia helped their clients achieve...

One of them, Mariko, has completely changed her physique in only 6 weeks. Incredible.

Thanks to this system:

==> 58% off MiS System <----- Special Discount Ends Soon

Unlock Your Fat Loss Potential With These 3 Little Known Secrets...

What if I were to tell you that most people hold themselves back from achieving their maximum fat loss potential because they neglect 3 specific components from their exercise routine...

These 3 components I am about to share with you are responsible for millions of people not getting the results they want from their exercise routine...

And the reason why you are only hearing about them now is because this is new information that most trainers haven't even heard of?

My friend and fat loss expert Tyler Bramlett sent me this short article that describes the 3 key components that are missing from 99% of exercise routines.

Check it out...
3 Key Components Missing From 99% Of Exercise Routines...
By Tyler Bramlett, Fat Loss Expert
Creator Of The
Bodyweight Flow System

I’ll never forget the moment I realized that something was missing... It was a cold foggy day nearly a decade ago when I entered the gym ready to give everything I had to my workout...

At that point in my life I was still overweight and I remember feeling depressed each and every day I had to look at myself in the mirror.

I had been exercising regularly for the last 2 years but still hadn't seen the results I wanted from all the hard work I was putting in...

On that day, as I began my workout I remember looking at one of the other gym goers in awe of the amazing results he was getting. He was lean, strong and had a body anyone would be more then happy with.

I thought to myself... “What am I doing wrong? Was it my workouts, my efforts or my genetics that were holding me back?”

On thing was for sure... I knew I was missing something!

It took me almost 5 years from that point to realize EXACTLY what he had that I didn’t, and in that time I not only educated myself on the missing key’s I am about to share with you, I also transformed my body to finally look the way I wanted it to.

So... What are these missing keys that are holding you back from getting the results you really want?

Missing Key #1 - The Ability To Generate Maximum Contraction

One of my early mentors, a world class powerlifting coach is known for saying, “Strength = Tension (i.e. Contraction) = Tone”.

To him the equation was simple... Regardless of your current body size, the harder you can contract your muscles, the more metabolic you become and the better results you will get.

Research now shows that world class athletes use roughly 30-50% of their available muscular strength while “average” people only have access to roughly 15%.

That’s a huge difference!!! That means on average a high level athlete can contract their muscles twice as hard as you and will burn twice as much energy (i.e. fat) in the process.

So... How do you fix it? I’ll get to that in a sec, first let me share with you key #2...

Missing Key #2 - Controlled Flexibility

Flexibility is worthless unless you have the ability to generate tension (i.e. contract your muscles) throughout the full range of motion.

Imagine 2 people... One can squat below parallel with perfect form, while the other maybe only 1/2 way down. Who do you think will get better results from their workout if their set’s and reps are the same?

The first person will have traveled twice the distance as the second if all other variables remain equal. This means, more muscle used, more energy burned and ultimately way better results!

I’m not just talking about stretching either, but more on that in a sec... First let’s tackle key #3...

Missing Key #3 - Your Subconscious Coordination

Subconscious coordination, sometimes referred to as unconscious competence is your ability to coordinate your body to move perfectly WITHOUT you having to think about it. The people you watch consistently get better results then you were likely born with the ability to learn any movement with little to no effort, meanwhile you might be watching and think, “I’ll never be able to do that”.

Well... You’re Wrong!!!!

YOU can be just like them... YOU can unlock your physical potential and YOU can do it by learning how to improve your contraction control (KEY #1), your controlled flexibility (KEY #2) and your subconscious coordination (KEY #3).

How the heck do you do that?

That’s the good news!

Over the last 5 years I have been stringing together specific sequences of unique bodyweight exercises that allow your body to subconsciously learn the 3 missing key’s above.

==> Learn How To Master These 3 Missing Key’s Here

These Metabolic Bodyweight Flows are easy to perform but hard to describe...

If you can imagine a combination of advanced dynamic mobility and hardcore yoga put together into very specific 2-3 minute sequences, then you will have a small idea about what I am talking about.

Either way, the secret is out... It’s not your efforts, your workouts or your genetics holding you back, but rather your ability to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.

If your smart and choose to integrate the 3 missing keys above into your exercise routine, you will notice an immediate difference in the results you will be able to get from your workouts!
I couldn’t agree more with Tyler on this one... He’s a super smart guy who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to helping you get better results from your workouts!

Plus... This week only his new program which teaches you the easy way to master the 3 missing keys above is on sale for 58% off!

Learn More About How To Accelerate Your Results Here <----- Special Discount Link

To Your Fat Loss Success, 
Arthur M.

P.S. Tyler didn’t want to leave you hanging without showing you exactly what his unique sequences look like, so he promised me that he would share a free video tomorrow that shows you in detail one of his Metabolic Ignition Sequences. Until then, if you wanna learn the 3 keys above the easy way then CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Simple Trick To Burn Fat 21% Faster

Do you ever wonder why 2 people can follow the same program but end up getting completely different results?

You probably know someone in your gym or perhaps a friend who is always getting better results then everyone else and makes it look natural, no matter what exercise routine they are using, right?

Most people look at these “genetic lottery winners” and assume that they will never be able to get the same results...

But... What if there was a way that you could become just like these “genetic lottery winners” and learn to get better results, regardless of the exercise routine you used. Would that peak your interest?

Well... The Good news is that at the link below, my friend and expert fat loss trainer Tyler reveals his simple method that you can use to burn fat 21% faster without having to change your workouts...

==> Learn The Simple Method To Burning Fat 21% Faster And Maximize The Time You Spend Working Out!

You might be asking yourself “what is this simple trick and how will it help you to become more like the annoying genetic lottery winners that are always getting the best results from their workouts?”

Here’s the truth... Most people, even those that think they are working out hard are really only getting about 79% of the possible results they could be getting out of their exercise routine.

In fact, as Tyler points out in the link below... You can not only boost your fat loss by 21.4% but you can also increase your upper body strength by 32% your flexibility by 7% and your explosiveness by 2.5% all in just a few minutes.

Don’ believe me?

Here’s Proof -----> Check Out The 2 Powerful Case Studies Who Used This Secret On This Page

In order for Tyler to learn these secrets he spent the last decade and literally ten’s of thousands of dollars to train with some of the most knowledgeable and unique experts in the fitness industry.

But... He didn’t stop there...

In order to make sure this worked with all types of people, he decided to partner up with a well known Pilates expert, Sylvia, to test this formula out on the public and to refine and perfect this new and unique system.

From this partnership, Bodyweight Flow was born. This is a series of very specific sequences that take only 2-3 minutes to complete that have the ability to accelerate the results you are getting from your workouts.

And... Since your a valued reader of my emails, today you can save 58% on this new program which I’m sure you will agree is a steal when you see everything Tyler and his Sylvia are including in this program.

Learn More About Bodyweight Flow <----- 58% Off Special Launch Discount

Plus, these 2 fitness experts are so focused on helping you to get better results from your workouts they are offering a special FAST ACTION BONUS to anyone who takes action today...

They are offering “The 7 Day Flow Diet” which features not 1 or 2 but 7 different fat loss protocols that you can use to get even better fat loss results!

The beautiful thing about this fast action bonus is that Tyler and Sylvia aren’t telling you the one and only way you should be eating for fat loss...

Instead, they are giving you 7 different diets to choose from that all work to help you rid your body of unwanted fat. This way, no matter what your lifestyle is or how busy you are you can have 7 different fat loss diets to choose from.

==> Get 58% Off Bodyweight Flow And Claim “The 7 Day Flow Diet” As A Fast Action Bonus <----- TODAY ONLY

This system is way different then anything you’ve likely ever seen before and remember... They aren’t even asking you to change your current workouts. You can still do the same exercises that you know and love, but get even better results!

And... The Metabolic Ignition Sequences that they teach in the Bodyweight Flow system require ZERO equipment, are laid out in beginner, intermediate and advanced routines and take ONLY 2-3 minutes to complete.

So... Head on over to This Page and find out more about the only system designed to help you burn fat 21% faster, maximize your workouts and accelerate your results!

To Your Weight Loss Success,
Arthur M.

P.S. And one final thing to remember... Tyler and Sylvia pride themselves in genuinely helping people to get better results. They are 100% confident that they can help you maximize your workouts and so they created the first 60 day Quadruple Guarantee in the fitness industry! Click Here To Save Big, Claim A Fast Action Bonus And Learn More

Monday, August 5, 2013

True or False: Women and Men should diet differently?

Knowing how hormonally different men and women are, have you ever wondered if both sexes are best to diet the exact same way?

Well, recent research suggests not.

Science has discovered unique diet strategies for Men and Women  that are proven to work best for their respective metabolisms.

The video presentation at the link below reveals breakthrough, fat burning tips designed specifically for the female metabolism to help Women lose weight faster.

Breakthrough Fat Burning Tips Just For Women <------- video

And get this;

Surprisingly enough, research shows when Women use these tips to boost their metabolism they’re able to burn fat faster and easier than men instead of the other way around for once!

Women are going to love this:

Breakthrough Fat Burning Tips Just For Women <----------video

Now for the gentlemen,

Today you’ll discover what Men’s Health Magazine has come to call “The Perfect Body Formula”.

Check out the link below to see 3 science-proven strategies for Men designed to create targeted fat loss and lean muscle growth.

-----> The Perfect Body Formula For Men

To your results,

Arthur M.

Why Women should NOT eat like a Man [video lesson]

Look, fact is Women are hardwired to have much more difficult time to lose weight and keep it off than Men. You can just thank evolution for that one.

Now, today’s video shows you exactly what’s happening in a Woman’s body that’s making it harder to lose weight- And more importantly, you’ll see a breakthrough, science proven tip to boost the female metabolism that makes fat burning a whole lot easier!

I think you’re going to love this:

Breakthrough Metabolism Boosting Tip For Women Only <----------Video

In fact, research shows when Women use this tip to boost their metabolism they burn fat faster and easier than men instead of the other way around for once!

Use this flat belly tip to flip on your female fat burning switch today:

Breakthrough Metabolism Boosting Tip For Women Only <----------Video


Arthur M.


The sheer number of real, everyday Women with shocking transformations in this video that have used this flat belly tip will absolutely amaze you. It really is pretty crazy stuff!

Breakthrough Metabolism Boosting Tip For Women Only <----------Video

Sunday, August 4, 2013

True or False: Women should diet like Men?

Knowing how hormonally different men and women are, have you ever wondered if both sexes should diet the exact same way?

Well, recent research suggests NOT.

You see, science has recently discovered unique diet strategies proven to work perfectly with the female metabolism that help Women lose weight much faster.

Check out these breakthrough strategies in today’s video lesson below:

Breakthrough Fat Burning Tips Just For Women <------- video lesson

And get this;

Surprisingly enough, research shows when Women use these unique tips to boost their metabolism they’re able to burn fat faster and easier than men instead of the other way around for once!

You’re going to love this:

Breakthrough Fat Burning Tips Just For Women <----------video lesson


Arthur M.


I GUARANTEE you’ve never heard or seen anything like this before. You’re about to see some truly cutting edge fat-burning tips perfect for the female metabolism.

Breakthrough Fat Burning Tips Just For Women <----------video lesson

#1 Belly-Flattening Tip For Women

If you're a woman who needs to lose at least 10 pounds then you're going to want to pay close attention to the information John Barban shares with you at the link below.

You see, research has recently uncovered something unique to the genetic and hormonal make-up of a woman that makes it a lot easier for them to put on weight, and a lot harder to lose it.

That's the BAD news... the GOOD news is that because of this discovery we now know exactly how to counteract the problem, allowing you to drop flab quickly and efficiently by putting one single strategy to use starting today.

In fact, the shockingly simple tip that John shares with you on the next page will show you how you can lose as much as THREE dress sizes in the first week by strategically turning off your female fat-storing switch. 

Go to Next Page >>>

Friday, August 2, 2013

10 Hybrid Workouts You Can Do in 20 Minutes or Less

I can’t stand going to the gym and waiting for equipment. That’s why I like to go when it’s not crowded or just work out at home.

And today, I’m going to rock a “HMC” (Hybrid Metabolic Complex) workout that uses only ONE pair of DB’s or KB’s. That’s just ONE of the benefits from Kate’s NEW Fat Loss Accelerator program. You don’t have to fight for equipment in a crowded gym.

You won’t need ANY transition time as you go from one progressive exercise to the next.

You can get all 31 Hybrid workouts here <= Sale Ends TONIGHT

You’ll get a combination of unique hybrid metabolic mash-ups, “Time Bombs”, DB Complexes and of course, the best bodyweight circuits that only belong in a HMC workout

Here is # 27

Perform each of the following in order with no rest, and without putting the weight down. At the end of the circuit, rest for 90 seconds. Repeat for 4 rounds:

A) Alternating Lunge to Overhead Reach x 6

B) Squat thrust to Deadlift x 6

C) Front Squats to Push Press x 6

D) Push Up to Renegade Row x 6

That will have you burning fat into next week. Once you get started with the program, here are the top 10 hybrid workouts you can do in 20 minutes or less:

1) Accelerator 21 – the first two exercises alone!

2) Yeah, ANYTHING from the “Seven Deadly Sins” section with a unique 7-rep scheme

3) Accelerator 14 – one of the bonus Barbell Complexes of 6 exercises!

4) Accelerator 2 – the Bodyweight Time Bomb (the first two exercises will smoke your abs without a single crunch or sit-up)

5) Accelerator 5 – a fun DB Complex with a unique exercise at the beginning and the end

Get access to all 31 Hybrid workouts here

6) Accelerator 7 – Another crushing DB Complex with a tough last exercise that smokes the back and the abs at the SAME time

7) Accelerator 28 – A tough hybrid of bodyweight moves and DB’s (and even with the option of adding KBs or a plate!)

8) Accelerator 30 – All the single leg movements will fry fat in your glutes and thighs but it does go by fast!

9) Accelerator 14 – The fourth exercise is a killer going into the fifth exercise in that circuit (you’ll love it!)

10) Accelerator 16 – a GIANT circuit of 8 exercises all with just 6 reps (but don’t let that fool you).

Now you can get all 31 of Kate’s Hybrid workouts for under $20. But today is your last chance.

Get results in just two hours a week thanks to the science behind these NEW hybrid workouts using a progressive metabolic approach.

Get started with any of the 31 Hybrid workouts here <= Sale ends TONIGHT

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Best Hybrid Workout EVER?

Have you ever been in a crowded gym and you see people just wondering around doing random exercises? They’re knocking out bicep curls followed by abs, then maybe some leg extensions.

They are going to run in circles. For one thing, you have to walk from one side of the gym to the other. And when you use dumbbells here, and then barbells there. That’s way too much time wasting on moving from one exercise to the next.

You want to keep your heart pounding, right?

That’s why you’ll love this hybrid workout. Not only does it take just a pair of dumbbells, but with this NEW approach, you’ll get more volume done in less time, hit all your muscle groups and create a BIG caloric afterburn.

It’s from Kate Vidulich, a highly-demanded fat loss trainer and consultant for the busiest executives in New York.

You ready? Let’s do this…

Perform each of the following in order for 4 rounds with no rest, and without putting the weight down. At the end of this time, rest for 90 seconds. Repeat for 3 rounds:

A) Double DB swing x 2

B) Overhead squat x 2

C) Single leg RDL / 1 point row x 2

Those 3 exercises done in succession alone is a solid hybrid workout, but it doesn’t end there. The specifics are in Kate’s Fat Loss Accelerators program and you end the circuit with:

D) A weird twist to a lunge exercise

E) A total body conditioning exercise

Get all 31 of these NEW Hybrid workouts here <= Sale

These workouts are 10 years in the making. You see, Kate is a Scientist and has been researching these methods with her clients for years. In fact, she had one client lose 11 pounds in just 28 days…

working out just 2 hours a week!

After all, when you don’t put the weights down and can do your entire workout in a small space, it’s no wonder you’re burning so many calories.

Try that circuit and let me know how it goes.

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

P.S. Kate is offering to give you all 31 of her NEW Hybrid workouts that lasts 20 minutes or less on an awesome discount. You’ll get a mashup of DB complexes, bodyweight moves and more.

Get all 31 Hybrid workouts here