Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Get a Lean Body Now!

According to "most people" if you lose weight too fast then "it's not the right way" and "it's not maintainable". But if you look at "most people", they are not in the type of shape to be commenting anyway. That may sound harsh but over half of the Westernised World is now overweight - but still feel they are in a position to hand out advice on fat loss.

Everyone has access to Google, so they can give you the answer you want at the click of a button but how many people ever actually put the advice to use? How many have actually lost weight - fast or slow? And how many have been able to maintain it? I would say not many...

And how fast is too fast? Would you say four weeks is too fast to lose 5lbs, 10lbs, 20lbs or more? And where do you draw the line?

I have worked with people wanting to lose weight for well over a decade now and I'll tell you right now that losing weight fast can be one of the most motivating ways to generate more positive momentum to keep losing. And from what I've seen, more people will actually reach their goals by starting fast as opposed to trying to do it "the right (slow) way".

Too many events come up and too many obstacles get thrown in your way to stay consistent over a long period for continued progress when going slow. I'm not saying it's impossible or wrong but I am telling you exactly what I have seen firsthand.

The majority of people will be able to make small changes over long periods BUT most of these small changes aren't enough to see results. When people lock in a short term goal, such as four weeks, and go hard at it then results will come pouring in. And the biggest motivating factor I have seen is just that - RESULTS...

Why four weeks?

People like round numbers, so a month works well. People also want to see results, so four days may not give you what you are looking for but four weeks can have you lose a considerable amount of weight and notice considerable changes.

That's not to say your weight loss journey needs to stop after four weeks. Not at all. In fact this is the point that sorts out people who lose weight the "right way" or the "wrong way". If you are someone who wants to lose weight and maintain the weight that you've lost then it makes sense to follow a program that show's you how to maintain it - not just how to lose weight four weeks, full stop.

You want to hold onto your hard work and you want to ensure you have gone about your weight loss in a manner that is maintainable and will allow you to keep progressing well after four weeks passes. Maintaining is much easier then progressing (or regressing) slowly, so go hard and use what you have learned to hold on.

So How Fast Is Too Fast?

I have seen people lose over 10lbs within the first week from all sorts of different diets. Many diets such as Liquids Diets, Detox's, Soup Diets etc will help you to lose an enormous amount of weight fast but most of these are very short lived - normally for not much more than a week or two.

I have also personally helped tons of people to drop these types of numbers in their first week - and then continue to post big numbers until they reach their goals. And the best part is I have been able to see them maintain and improve on these goals for years after those initial few weeks.

So if you are looking to lose weight fast, then don't worry yourself too much over what others say. Just make sure you do your homework on how you plan on losing the weight and also how you plan on keeping it off. Look for testimonials and proof from others that what you are about to do works and works well.

If you want to find a program that will effectively help you to lose weight fast and also teach you exactly how to keep it off for good, then check out the Lean Body Launch Pad program.

Order your copy of Lean Body Launch Pad now and you will receive everything you need to lose the weigh that you want. The initial phase goes for four weeks and you can expect some great results in this time. After this phase there are options to keep you losing or help you to readjust and maintain your good results. The program also comes with a bunch of bonuses to get you to your goals faster than you ever imagined...

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