Thursday, June 27, 2013

Go to war against belly fat without the boring cardio, intervals OR...

So, I heard about Mike Whitfield's approach to eliminating cardio (including intervals) after your workout and I was crazy enough to try one of the finishers from his Ab Finishers manual.

Here it is if you want to try it yourself (but be warned, this is tough). In fact, make sure this is done AFTER your favorite workout and brace yourself, your abs will be sore tomorrow:

"Ab Quatros" Finisher

Complete the following circuit as many times as possible in 4 minutes, resting only when needed:

DB Chop or Bodyweight Chop (4/side) <== Keep those abs braced HARD!
Spiderman Climb (4/side)
Stability Ball or Ab Wheel Rollout (4)

That's one of the finishers from his client's programs that helped him drop 34 lbs in just 12 weeks AND win $1,000.

Of course, it's no wonder... even if your diet isn't perfect, you're bound to drop fat doing crazy, but effective finishers like that.

=> You can look at the full program here

Now I want to share with you how to approach his density finishers (finishers in which you do as many rounds as possible in a certain amount of time... usually 3-5 minutes):

DON'T train to failure... if you leave about 3-5 reps in the tank during a metabolic finisher, you'll find that you can put in more reps and sets overall.

And that means more calories being burned...

... which means YOU smash a plateau

That's one of the secrets he has learned with his clients, and that's how they approach their finishers with their programs.

Mike hasn't "prescribed" cardio to any of his online or offline clients in years. He keeps creating these finishers for them to do.

And they love them...

... because they lose even stubborn fat (yes, men AND women).

So, try that finisher after your next workout and let me know how it goes.

And check out Mike's finishers to not only burn more calories, but get your core stronger, too.

But hurry, his crazy offer expires soon :(

Get all 33 fat-burning Ab finishers here

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

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