Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FREE Trip to Maui and a Lean Body?

What's better than winning a FREE trip for two to the sun-drenched tropical paradise of Maui Hawaii?

How about fat loss expert Tom Venuto sending you to Maui in the best shape of your life and you showing off YOUR NEW BEACH BODY?

Picture yourself not only sauntering down the warm sand beaches of one of the world's most beautiful islands...

But also, YOU on that beach in your swimsuit, having no fat on your body.... none!

You're 100% solid lean muscle... with a body you love. People are checking YOU out on the beach, wishing they had YOUR body!

Sound like a fantasy? Well, it's not! It already happened 8 seasons in a row!

So far, Tom has sent 24 people (the winners and their guests) on FREE tropical island vacations because they accepted my Burn the Fat Challenge!

They were voted the top transformation, and the rest is history! They're now in the Burn the Fat Hall of Fame.

Once more this summer, he's doing it again - and this time, it could be YOU he sends to Hawaii!

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The Burn the Fat Challenge Gives You ALL The Success Tools You Need to Achieve Your BEST Body EVER!

1. SUPER-HIGH MOTIVATION (a fitness challenge contest!)
2. JUICY REWARDS AND INCENTIVES (huge prize package, including Maui!)
3. A POWERFUL, PROVEN PROGRAM (Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle!)
4. PERSONAL AND GROUP ACCOUNTABILITY (report your results every week on the forums)
5. COMMUNITY SUPPORT AND TEAMWORK (inner circle members and teams to cheer you on!)

When you put all these things TOGETHER at once, it will accelerate your results like pouring gasoline on a fire! It has for thousands of people already and it can for you too.

This summer challenge, which opens on Thursday, June 6th, is our longest event - 98 days - which is why we've nicknamed it "THE BIG BURN!"

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I think you'll be happy that you did!
--Arthur M.

PS - Just wait until you see the pictures of this resort and amazing progress the past winners achieved (that could be you!)

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