Sunday, June 30, 2013

I know losing weight can be pretty overwhelming, but…

I know losing weight can be pretty overwhelming with all the information out there. Like most people you probably get paralysis by analysis after finding too many things to change.

Well what if I could tell you there is a weight loss program that can simplify how to do things. A program that could teach you exactly what to eat, when to eat it, what physical activity is most effective, how to plan your body transformation and all of this with 100% support along the way.

Good news!

There is a program that can do all of this and more!

This program has been written by one of the top fitness coaches on the planet and has helped thousands of people just like you to transform their body.

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To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Go to war against belly fat without the boring cardio, intervals OR...

So, I heard about Mike Whitfield's approach to eliminating cardio (including intervals) after your workout and I was crazy enough to try one of the finishers from his Ab Finishers manual.

Here it is if you want to try it yourself (but be warned, this is tough). In fact, make sure this is done AFTER your favorite workout and brace yourself, your abs will be sore tomorrow:

"Ab Quatros" Finisher

Complete the following circuit as many times as possible in 4 minutes, resting only when needed:

DB Chop or Bodyweight Chop (4/side) <== Keep those abs braced HARD!
Spiderman Climb (4/side)
Stability Ball or Ab Wheel Rollout (4)

That's one of the finishers from his client's programs that helped him drop 34 lbs in just 12 weeks AND win $1,000.

Of course, it's no wonder... even if your diet isn't perfect, you're bound to drop fat doing crazy, but effective finishers like that.

=> You can look at the full program here

Now I want to share with you how to approach his density finishers (finishers in which you do as many rounds as possible in a certain amount of time... usually 3-5 minutes):

DON'T train to failure... if you leave about 3-5 reps in the tank during a metabolic finisher, you'll find that you can put in more reps and sets overall.

And that means more calories being burned...

... which means YOU smash a plateau

That's one of the secrets he has learned with his clients, and that's how they approach their finishers with their programs.

Mike hasn't "prescribed" cardio to any of his online or offline clients in years. He keeps creating these finishers for them to do.

And they love them...

... because they lose even stubborn fat (yes, men AND women).

So, try that finisher after your next workout and let me know how it goes.

And check out Mike's finishers to not only burn more calories, but get your core stronger, too.

But hurry, his crazy offer expires soon :(

Get all 33 fat-burning Ab finishers here

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How a busy mom of 3 sculpted a 'photo ready' physique...

Meet Sarah... 36 year old busy mom of 3 little girls with a full-time desk job...

...someone who most women could relate to.

Busy mom desperate to destroy her stubborn fat >>>>

Until recently Sarah had struggled to stick with a fat loss program for any extent of time...

...and she had finally decided "enough is enough!"

Her 36th Birthday was fast approaching... so she set a goal to be in the best shape of her life on that day.

Did she achieve her goal? Keep reading to find out...

Check out these pics <== Are you going for this 'photo ready' look?

With Summer fast approaching Sarah's transformation may just be the inspiration you've been looking for.

Start your Summer feeling confident, sexy, and proud... just like Sarah!

There's no time to waste.

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

Monday, June 10, 2013

When it comes to losing your last 10 pounds, then you need hard-to-your-core workouts

Get Ripped with Hardcore Workouts
By Craig Ballantyne

When it comes to losing your last 10 pounds, then you need hard-to-your-core workouts.

Designed with advanced fat loss and muscle gains in mind, the TT Hardcore workout system uses intense training techniques designed to get you rapid fat burning results.

In fact, you're going get ripped with these classics.

But beware...these Hardcore workouts are for ADVANCED users only.

With challenging barbell complexes, difficult bodyweight exercises, awesome 5x5 trisets, and my plateau-busting adrenaline-style intervals, you'll recruit maximum muscle to burn mega-calories during and after training.

Needless to say, ONLY use these programs IF you're advanced and ready for hyper-fat burning results.

Stubborn fat simply doesn't stand a chance against these Hardcore workout routines.

Plus, you're going to get a bonus workout, one of my Trademarked Metabolic Resistance Training programs - TT MRT 2K12.

It includes what I call Muscle-Metabolic Resistance Training, or M-MRT for short.

By borrowing some squeezing techniques bodybuilding (yes, bodybuilding!), your workouts will be even better, more intense, and more effective for building muscle and burning fat at the SAME time.

You'll use NEW exercise tempos, which force your body to train with MORE intensity for greater muscles exhaustion.

PLUS, we'll use the 90% rep technique combined with the squeezing techniques to dramatically increase the amount of fat-burning, muscle building tension.

I'll be honest, I've been training for over 20 years and I can't ever remember my legs feeling exactly like they did after workout A in this program. Enjoy.

Add it all up and that's where the M-MRT kicks into your program and completely changes the dynamics of the workout. Basically, you'll burn way more fat with this program, while building lean, sexy muscle at the same time.

It's the end of your belly fat as we know it.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

Your #1 Fat Loss Workout Mistake

By Kate Vidulich, Fat Loss Expert

Author, Fat Loss Accelerators

My heart was racing, lungs burning and sweat was pouring off my head. Only 9 minutes had passed, yet it felt like I’d been training for hours. As I sat in the corner gasping for air, the interval timer screeched to signify the end of the fastest ever 90-second break.

Two minutes later, my “off-day” workout was done. The thing is, it took no longer than 20 minutes, and was over before I could even register how challenging it was.

What’s the number one excuse for missing your workout?

Lack of time.

The number two excuse, according to unofficial Australian research conducted by me, is happy hour drinks. But that’s another story.

Here’s the troublesome situation…

-       You got stuck at work and traffic was so bad, your 45-minute workout window shrunk to 20 minutes. Bugger.

-       You show up to train, but unfortunately everyone had the same idea as you. It’s jammed.

So if you have no time and you need to get a quick fat loss workout in, what choices are you left with?

1. Elliptical? Please. Stop. Now.

2. Usual Dreadmill intervals? 20 mins again. Really? That’s so 2008.

3. The same old bodyweight circuit? Boring.

Three strikes and you’re out.

How long do you really need for a heart pounding, fat blasting workout?

Less than you imagine.

Think about this for a moment. In a regular workout session, 10-15 minutes can elapse by the time you get cracking – before you reach the awesome fat blasting action.

Now I’m not saying you should skip dynamic warm ups or core training when you’re pressed for time, these are very important components. But you need to get to the entree as soon as possible.

You need a plan. You need to focus. You need to hustle.

ONE big fat loss workout mistake to AVOID

Resting for too long.

Ideally, your rest breaks should be no longer than 30 seconds when training for fat loss. It’s tough, but using a GymBoss Interval timer (or your Smartphone) will stop you from cheating or slacking off.

Without any control over your rest breaks, your workout can become just like happy hour (only without beer – how boring).

You only need 20 minutes to workout. But before you jump on the dreadmill and do intervals again… You need a fast, fat-burning workout solution that you can do in a small space with minimal equipment.

Enter what I call Fat Loss Accelerators.

Try this intense workout solution.

=> Get all 31 Fat Loss Accelerators workouts here

These intense, targeted interval workouts involve the strategic use of compounding, hybrid exercises to maximize fat burning and training time to break through plateaus.

Why is this style of workout so effective?

You can pump up the intensity without killing any one muscle group, allowing you to burn more calories faster with total body movements.

Metabolic workouts, like this one, also increase the after burn effect to significantly higher levels than cardio on the dreadmill, meaning you burn more calories after the workout at rest.

Of course, training with intensity and avoiding extended rest periods will leave you sweating buckets, but this will accelerate your fat loss results.

Did I mention this is fun? Training should NOT be deathly boring or long winded.

Be different. Burn fat while having fun conquering these unique, metabolic movements and save time in your training sessions, maximize your calorie expenditure and eliminate the boredom of cardio.

Now you can say bye-bye to intervals on the sweaty dreadmill. Actually, just say forget about it to cardio entirely.

Try this intense workout solution today

Replace your interval days with Fat Loss Accelerators, and reduce the stress involved with thinking and planning.

Rock on!

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, CTT

PS - If you liked this article and video, and want to learn more about the unique fat loss workouts I use with my clients, check out my new Fat Loss Accelerators program – it’s on sale at a ridiculous price for a very limited time:

=> Fat Loss Accelerators Workouts

About the Author

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, HFS, CTT is New York’s Premier Fat Loss Expert. Kate specializes in designing and implementing personalized, effective, results-oriented training programs. Her unique, fun approach to fat loss has helped thousands of people across the world achieve their goals, at all ages. An ultra-marathoner and always up for a challenge, Kate consults with clients in private one-on-one, and online coaching with clients worldwide. She regularly updates her blog at

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Gym memberships can be a major expense, but...

Gym memberships can put a major dent in your monthly expenses. But burning fat and getting the body of your dreams doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here’s how to do it … for free!

Burn Fat, Not Money
by Jackie Burgmann, author of “Hot at Home” – The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

With the cost of gym memberships these days, the pursuit of better fitness and fat loss can be a pricey game.

However, there are ways to get an incredibly effective fat loss workout without leaving your bank account and wallet crying for mercy.

Here are some training tips that can get you where you want to go… for no cost whatsoever!

Bodyweight Strength Training

A great way to get fit for cheap is bodyweight strength training.

You can do it at home and you don’t have to spend one thin dime for equipment.

Rather than investing in some expensive weights equipment you just use your own bodyweight for resistance.

Some common bodyweight exercises you can do include squats, lunges, pushups and pull-ups.

The good news is that there are so many different variations on each of these types of exercises that you can change things up regularly to keep things fresh and interesting.


You can use your bodyweight to do plyometrics exercises, too.

“What are plyometrics” you ask?

The concept behind plyometrics is that you start with some kind of slower stretching motion then finish it with a fast and explosive motion, like bending down then jumping up, and doing so repeatedly.

The bending down motion helps you to get a higher jump.

You can do plyometrics on a staircase or a bench or just on the flat ground. Try box jumps, squat jumps, long stride bounding, and repeated long jumps.

Plyometrics are great for getting your heart rate up which also gives you a fantastic cardio workout.

Interval Training

Another great way to get some killer cardio without heading to an expensive gym is interval training. If you’ve never heard of interval training it’s definitely something worth looking into.

You can do Interval Training with any type of traditional cardio.

This includes, but is not limited to: running, biking, swimming, rollerblading, rowing and even walking. If you don’t own any equipment with which to rollerblade, row or cycle, then stick to running and walking.

The main point to remember when doing interval training is that you actually differentiate your workout into actual “intervals”. That is, you go very fast (work interval) for a short period of time followed by going more slowly (recovery interval) for the next short period of time.

The lengths of your intervals can be equal (ie. :30 seconds running / :30 seconds walking) or varied if you are doing a higher intensity with the ‘fast’ interval and need a bit more recovery time (ie. :30 seconds full-out sprinting / :60 seconds walking).

The idea is to not let your body get used to any particular rhythm like you might with endurance running. Keep your body confused and watch it burn fat like mad.

There are even theories that suggest that interval training is more in keeping with how our bodies were originally designed to work.

If you happened to be around back in the early days of man, you’d never have seen a caveman going for a 5 mile endurance run, but you might have seen him running for a short distance to catch dinner. Then you might have seen him stop to eat. Then he might have gone for another quick sprint to get away from a predator. Then he probably hid behind a bush hoping the predator would go away, and when it didn’t I’ll bet he went for another sprint.

You get the idea.

Put It All Together

You can even combine the all of these exercise types into one very intense workout.

Incorporate some sprint intervals and plyometric jumping into your bodyweight strength routine.

For example: start with a set of squats and follow that with a sprint across a field or your backyard and slower walk back, then do a set of pushups, and next move on to some box jumps on a park bench or a stair followed by some lunges or pull-ups, and so on.

You can keep things interesting by doing a huge circuit of many different exercises and do each exercise only once, or you can create a smaller mini-circuit with five or six exercises and go around the circuit several times.

Either way, if you put all your effort into keeping the intensity high and the rest periods limited you’ll get a great workout that will help get you in great shape in a hurry.

It’s a good idea (and kind of fun) to experiment with what works well for you as an individual so get creative with mixing and matching these workout styles and watch yourself burn fat fast without breaking the bank!

Jackie is the creator of “Hot at Home” The Transformation Solution Designed ESPECIALLY for People Who Hate The Gym and want to get in their best shape EVER without the ongoing expense of a gym membership.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why cardio harms the heart

Today I have a guest article for you from fat loss expert Kate Vidulich… she talks about the dangers of too much cardio, and a training system she’s using with her private training clients in Manhattan that’s getting some pretty amazing results.



Why Cardio Harms the Heart

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, CTT

Author, Fat Loss Accelerators

How many hours per week do you spend doing cardio?

Everyday spinning classes? Boom, overuse injury.

Elliptical lover? Zero results.

Dreadmill intervals? Death by boredom.

Now we have a NEW problem with cardio. Scientific research has exposed the dangers of excessive cardio.

In late November 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported on the harmful effects of excessive cardio on your heart. According to the WSJ, research to be published in the British journal “Heart”:

Running 20-25 miles or more per week eliminates the benefit of the exercise as you grow older and causes excessive wear and tear on the heart.

Damn, that’s bad news if you’re an exercise ADDICT. The sad thing is, most of these folks will ignore this blatant fact and continue on their merry way.

But the truth about cardio is this:

  1. You can get more effective fat burning workout in less time
  2. Spending less time exercising means less wear and tear on your heart, joints and muscles
  3. You can free up a TON of time, at least 200-250 minutes/week if you’re running a 10 minute mile, and spend it doing more important things

Three strikes and you’re out. Game over.

Even Dr. Kenneth Cooper agrees. The father of ‘aerobics’ has said, “If you are running more than 15 miles a week, you are doing it for some reason other than health.

So is a grizzly bear chasing you? There’s a valid reason to get your run on. But in all seriousness, there are no bears where I live in New York City (just other scary people) and as you can see, the fat loss benefits of “cardio confessional time” are minimal.

As an avid marathon runner, plenty of my friends pointed out this fact to me. The thing is, my marathon training programs no longer involve running more than 12-15 miles/week, or even longer than 60 minutes continuously in a session.

Instead, the workouts include training with total body movements and lifting heavy to get stronger, metabolic resistance training and tortuous high intensity intervals. Each workout typically lasts no more than 20-35 minutes.

The shocking thing is this works! No overuse injuries, no carb loading and it helped me shave 54 minutes off my marathon time.

So listen, if you want to exercise for health, fat loss while increasing your energy and vitality, you need to train with bursts of intensity in shorter workouts.

That’s why I created Fat Loss Accelerators. <– Get 31 workouts here

In this program, you’ll get dozens of unique workouts that last 20 minutes or less, that you can add into your current training program.

Replace those boring dreadmill intervals with these workouts that give you faster fat burning than any type of long cardio EVER will.

Here are just some of the workouts you’ll get:

  • Barbell complexes: The most effective barbell complexes that only require an empty bar and small space
  • Unique hybrid metabolic mash ups: Intense, compounding movements that maximize fat burning to break through plateaus
  • “Time Bombs”: Density sets that push you to your limits in set amount of time. Perfect when you have a deadline.
  • DB/KB complexes: Some of the most popular circuits lie here… Fat burning fun is taken to a whole new level.
  • Bodyweight bonuses: No equipment? No worries. These circuits can be done anytime, anywhere from your living room to the hotel.

Plug these workouts into your program today and see the difference it makes to your level of conditioning.

Rock on,

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, CTT


Awesome article, Kate!  Thanks again for stopping by today.

Now, Kate has a brand new training system she has created, Fat Loss Accelerators that is based around this concept of eliminating excess cardio. These workouts are a fun, unique way to get a kick ass workout done with limited equipment in a small space.

The best part is, as an exclusive subscriber to my newsletters, you can get this very system at a 46% off discount for a very limited time! Click the link below to grab it now:

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To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

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31 Done-For-You Workouts for Fast Fat Loss

Here's how to get more results:

Combine Metabolic Resistance Training with bootcamp workouts.

Craig Ballantyne and Mike Whitfield, Certified Turbulence Trainers, have created over 31 TT Metabolic Resistance Training Bootcamp Workouts for you to beat bootcamp boredom and get great fat burning results - for yourself or for your clients.

Here's what we've got for you:

- 10 beginner MRT bootcamp workouts
- 31 advanced MRT bootcamp workouts
- 20 challenge MRT bootcamp workouts

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(PLUS, if you're a trainer trying to grow your bootcamps, you'll also get complete bootcamp build-up blueprints from the legends like Steve Hochman and Bedros Keuilian, as well as from new bootcamp experts like Cara Eckerman and Justin Blum. Those blueprints are in a free bonus you get with the TT MRT Bootcamp package.)

You'll beat bootcamp boredom with dozens of new workouts filled with cool exercises (bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell, TRX, hybrids, etc.), and EVERYONE wins.

You'll get more results.

Your clients - if you have them - will get faster fat loss.

And word of mouth will spread about your awesome camps and you'll get more clients (plus, you'll put your client attraction on hyper-drive with the secrets from those four trainers mentioned earlier).

So here's what I want you to do.

=> Go over to this bootcamp workout website

Then get your 31 TT MRT Bootcamp Workouts while they are on sale during our program release party this week only.

Then just select your workout, hit print, and you'll TRIPLE your productivity because you won't have to create three, five, or more new bootcamp workouts this week.

You can then use that time to implement all of the client attraction strategies from Bedros, Cara, Steve, and Justin.

Everything is DONE-for-YOU.


You'll love those workouts that Certified TT Trainers, Mike Whitfield and Craig Ballantyne have created for you.

This will make your life a lot easier,

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

PS - Burn fat, have fun, HELP others, get paid.

That's the best life there is...all thanks to these DONE-for-YOU TT MRT Bootcamp workouts. Enjoy.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A few exercises to help you work your lower abs for better definition

Getting definition in your lower abs can be the biggest challenge of getting great abs. Here are some exercises to help you work your lower abs for better definition.

Exercises For Lower Abs
by Jackie Burgmann, author of “Hot at Home” – The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

Sexy abs are elusive. You can work for hours on your abs trying to get definition in your abdominals, but wind up getting nowhere except FRUSTRATED.

It can be confusing. If you do the work, you should reap the rewards, right?

There are two very important details you must know when trying to find your six pack, or at least get a toned, tight tummy.

It’s unfortunate that neither of these pieces of information seem to be common knowledge.

The first one is that you can’t out-train a bad diet.

The other is that spot reduction is a myth.

What this means to you as someone who is trying to get definition in your abs is that you can do as many crunches and other ab exercises as possible in any given day but unless you are working at stripping the fat off your body OVERALL, you can achieve ripped abs but they will still be hidden under a layer of fat.

Abdominal exercises alone do not burn belly fat.

If fat loss is your goal always incorporate strength training and some form of steady state or interval training cardio workouts into your routines for optimal fat burning results.

But remember: if you’re eating back all the calories you’re burning with your workouts, your abs will never show definition because you won’t be able to get your overall bodyfat low enough for them to show.

So, if you’re watching your caloric intake and working with weights and proper cardio to get the fat off your body as a whole, you’ll want those ab muscles to be in excellent shape so that once the fat is off they’ll shine through in all their glory.

And since the lower abs are the most challenging of all the ab muscles to get definition to show, here’s a few great exercises to work those lower abs to get them ready for their ‘unveiling’.

1. Reverse Crunches

Lying supine (face up) on the floor supporting yourself with your hands at your sides palms to the floor and your head lifted, bend your hips and legs each to a 90 degree angle so that your calves are parallel to the floor.

Using your ab muscles, lift your legs slowly up and curl your body until your knees reach your nose.

Curl slowly back until your legs are again bent at a 90 degree angle and calves are parallel to the floor.

Repeat as many reps as possible.

2. Bicycle Crunches

Lying on your back, again face-up on the floor, hands behind head for support and elbows out, push your left leg straight out while the right leg bends in and you twist and crunch up with your torso to meet your right knee with your left elbow.

Come down to the start position and repeat with the opposite move (left knee meets right elbow), and continue in a bicycling motion.

Remember to push your straightening leg straight out away from your body not up into the air, keep it as close to the ground as possible without resting on the ground.

Repeat as many as possible.

3. Hip Lifts

Lying supine on the floor raise both legs so the bottoms of your feet are aimed straight up to the ceiling.

Now put both hands behind your head for support and simultaneously lift your hips and crunch with your upper body.

Remember when lifting your hips that the motion is one of trying to push your feet through the ceiling, not towards your face (straight up and down, and keep your legs as straight as possible).

Do not let your chin touch your chest, strive to always keep your eyes on the ceiling. Do not pull on your head with your hands but instead force your stomach muscles do the work to raise your upper body.

Repeat as many as possible.

4. Leg Thrusts

Similar to Hip Lifts, this one takes it one step further.

Lying supine on the floor, hands supporting you at your sides, palms down, straighten and raise both legs to a 45 degree angle from your body.

From this position, bring your legs straight up to a 90 degree angle and then lift your hips so your feet are heading towards the ceiling.

Be careful not to do this all in one move, you should bring your legs to 90 degrees first and only THEN lift your hips, pushing your feet at the ceiling.

Then lower your hips and return your legs only as far as the 45 degree angle.

Your legs should never go closer to the floor than the 45 degree angle and should stop in each position before moving to the next (rather than making it a fluid motion).

Repeat as many as possible.

All of these exercises should be done in a slow and controlled manner. Do not rush through any of these exercises. Be very methodical in all your motions.

Also: if you are feeling any undue stress on your lower back while doing these exercises check your form. Your back should remain flat against the floor or mat at all times. If your form is good and you’re still experiencing undue stress in your back from these exercises then it’s a good idea to see your doctor. I also suggest researching and incorporating some lower back strengthening exercises (like back extensions) into your routine before continuing with these lower abdominal moves.

Incorporate the exercises mentioned in this article into your workout and keep an eye on your caloric intake to help get the fat off and before you know it you’ll be showing off that tight, toned, flat tummy at the beach.

Jackie knows what it takes to get a flat, toned tummy. If you want more tips, tricks and workouts like these, grab her “Hot at Home” Body Transformation Solution now.