Thursday, May 23, 2013

Craziest Weight Loss Photos I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve just seen the weirdest diet ever.

I knew I had to tell you about it. You’ve seen all types of before and after photos but I’ll bet you’ve never seen any like these.

The before photo is a guy on the beach with a huge beer belly… nothing too unusual. But it was the “after” photo that made my jaw drop… A sexy, thin woman in a tight LBD (Little Black Dress).

What makes this so weird is, they are the same person… Duana Cross!

You can see these crazy before and after pictures right here:

See the Crossdresser Diet Photos

Now don’t worry… She says the diet doesn’t have anything to do with crossdressing.

That’s just what motivated her to lose weight. There’s a video on her site which explains how becoming a crossdresser motivated her to lose weight. He wanted to look sexier when she dressed as a woman.

And did it ever work for him/her:

Click to watch the Crossdresser Diet Video 

Duana created an amazing diet that allowed her to drop from 272lbs to 212lbs in only 90 days. That big beer belly is gone and she looks great.

What makes this diet work so well is that you use peptide supplements, which you can get cheaply at any vitamin shop, to fool your brain into thinking you’re full.

So you eat very little and never feel hungry!

But it is very safe. In fact, it was actually designed about 30 years ago by a doctor of internal medicine. Duana just updated it to use modern supplements which weren’t even known at the time. The basic diet is safe, healthy and the fastest diet there is.

And this diet keeps the weight off because it preserves your calorie-burning muscle mass. You won’t yo-yo. You’ll lose the weight and keep it off forever.

If you need to lose 10lbs or 100lbs, there is no faster, safer way. This diet is even faster than bariatric surgery!

If this is you, or if you just want to see some wild before and after photos, click the link below to check it out:

Click to see the Crossdresser Diet Video

To Your Success,

Arthur M.

PS: Her diet even has it’s own smartphone app to help you lose weight

PPS: Right now, she’s offering the diet for half price so be sure to check it out before it goes to full price.

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