Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Your Invitation to Workout

Yesterday, Holly Rigsby released here new program – FYM in a GYM

She’s teaching moms how to workout in their local gyms…with confidence!

FYM in a GYM is focuses on exercises that will make you stronger, leaner and sexier than ever! Holly teaches you her secrets to boosting metabolism and body shaping with barbells, dumbbells, cable machines, suspension trainers, and more…

Plus, she walks you step-by-step through everything. Check out the table of contents below:

Section 1: Readiness Assessment

Learn how to perform a self-assessment to determine if the more advanced exercises are right for you. And, if they’re not, I’ve got a “get-ready” plan laid out for you in the Success Guide!

Section 2: Equipment & Set-up

Before you get started with the workouts, review this section to get familiar with the equipment you’ll be using. I also cover planning out your workout time, setting up your equipment, safe & smart lifting, and even things like the best shoes to wear, music to listen to, and how to track your workouts with training logs and smartphones.

Section 3: Warm-up Exercises – Start Strong

Let’s get ready to rock our bodies. First step, the warm-up. In this section I cover the importance of a proper warm-up and how it lays the foundation for a great workout session. Then I take you through my favorite pre-gym workout warm-up.

Section 4: Hip Dominant Exercises – Build a Beautiful Backside

Hip dominant exercises are the most important exercises for proper body function, athleticism, not to mention, building a beautiful backside. ;-) These are my favorite exercises! In fact, if you were really short on time and could only do one exercise, I’d recommend you pick your favorite from this section…

Section 5: Knee Dominant Exercises – Get Strong, Sexy Legs

Knee dominant exercises build strong & sexy legs, burn a ton of calories, and are critical for longevity – think healthy ankles, knees, & hips.

Section 6: Upper Body Push Exercises – Sultry Strength…

These are generally the weakest links for moms – push-ups, bench presses, shoulder presses, etc. However, these are the exercises we need to develop upper body strength, great shoulders & arms, and even a rock solid core…

Section 7: Upper Body Pulling Exercises – Super-Fun & Fabulous Results…What a combo!

Now it’s time to separate the women from the girls… Upper body pulling exercises are where we can really “get after it!” While we women love the lower body exercises, upper body tends to be a different story…until we discover the fun of these upper body pulling exercises. Plus, the results speak for themselves – amazing arms, sculpted shoulders and backs (think backless dress), and a V-taper that makes your waste look tiny! :-)

Section 8: Ultimate Core Exercises – Tighten Your Tummy!

Every mom I talk to wants a tighter tummy and a smaller waistline. Well, these are the exercises you need to do in the gym to rock your core. I’ve included everything from the most basic plank to some really fun belly blasters like hanging leg raises, Pall of Presses, cable chops, body saws, and more…

Section 9: Total Body Exercises – Total Transformation in One Exercise…

One of the great things about having access to gym equipment is the ability to do more extreme total body exercises that work everything from head-to-toe and ignite your fat burning metabolism for DAYS! Plus, while these exercises are an awesome challenge, they’re also an absolute blast to perform – I promise you’ll LOVE them!!

Section 10: Cool Down Exercises – Finish Strong

A proper cool-down will start the muscle recovery process, speed up results, and just have you feeling fabulous the rest of the day. Too often, busy moms skip this important step in the workout. In this section, I cover the importance of a proper cool-down and give you my favorite routine to do at the end of my gym workouts.

Section 11: 12 Weeks of Progressively Challenging Workout Plans

When you have a plan then you can get an effective workout in, eliminate time wasting and most of all ensure that you’re going to get the results you want. In your downloadable Success Guide I have mapped out a full 12 weeks of progressively challenging workouts for you to follow with suggestions on how to set personal records with each to ensure workouts are intense and your body is challenged and changing. This video tutorial takes you through a quick preview of how each 4-week workout will flow. This way all you have to do is practice the moves for the workout, print out your workout log and review a 5 minute video clip to get prepped and motivated to take on your workout at the gym.

Section 11: BONUS 15-Minute Express Circuit Workouts

Sometimes you just need to get in and out of the gym… These 2 bonus workouts - 1 uses a barbell, 1 uses dumbbells - will give you a total body workout that fire up your fat burners, build lean muscle, and get you strong…FAST! Use them when you’re in a pinch for time, but still want to hit the gym for a quick workout. These quick video tutorials demonstrate the flow of a 15-minute gym circuit so you get a feel for what you need to do once you are at the gym.

That’s a pretty incredible program!

See it for yourself HERE [LINK] and get it while it’s still on sale (ends Friday) and save $50. :-)

See ya in the gym! ;-)

To Your Health, Fitness and Fat Loss,

Arthur M.

P.S. – Strong is the New Skinny – more and more woman are turning to weightlifting to build strong, lean, sexy bodies. Get the direction you need with Holly’s FYM in a GYM program.


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