Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Turn Off Your Fat Genes with the Decisions You Make Today

Have you ever heard of the fairly recent scientific field of study called epigenetics? This is an exciting new field that describes how factors in our environment can switch on or off genes that control things such as longevity, susceptibility to cancer… and how much you weigh. This breakthrough genetic research indicates that genes are not just on/off switches for characteristics we can't control (like gender or eye color). Some genes, including those that shape our bodies, actually adapt to outside influences. It is possible to activate “Thin Genes” and deactivate those associated with weight gain.  The genes that can be influenced control such things as:

  1. which foods you prefer
  2. the strength of your appetite
  3. whether your calories are burned or stored as fat
  4. how fast you burn calories, and
  5. your muscular type and ability to exercise, to name a few.

Let me let you in on a secret. It just takes a few simple choices to literally transform your body into a fat burning machine—24 hours a day, 365 days a year! The good folks over at MyDietFormula.com have developed a simple system that helps reset these genes that control how much you weigh so that you can FINALLY get rid of that spare tire and other extra inches, once and for all.

You have likely heard or thought, “my genes have made me overweight,” or “I inherited my metabolism,” or “If you want to see what your wife will look like in 25 years, look at her mother.” These statements all point to the concept that we have no control over our weight, or how we look and feel today or tomorrow. This line of thinking makes us want to give up before we even start. After all, it is our genes, so why fight it.

If you are following my train of thought, you will realize that this is really good news. Once you understand that you don’t have to be a victim to your parent’s genetic structure, you can adapt a lifestyle that allows you to have that thin body and metabolism that you have at times admired in others.  Don’t be confused, genetics do establish the foundation for who you are, but the good news is that your life choices can determine how (at least some of) these genes express themselves and to what degree they control your future self. So, in a nutshell, as you make good choices along life’s way, your genes adapt and help you solidify positive changes. The flipside of course is that bad decisions push you in the opposite direction and worse, the genes that you turn off or on are then passed on to your children.

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Learn 1 Tip To Fix Your Fat Genetics For Good <== Click Here

What can we all learn from this and how can we use it? First of all, you are no longer a victim to the genes that control your weight! Secondly, you can make decisions today to start modifying your genetic make-up.

To Your Health and Fitness, 
Arthur M.

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