Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stress is Enemy #1…

Have you ever wondered what makes some people eat constantly and gain weight while others seem to care less about food? There is, in fact, growing evidence that some people may unconsciously use food to trigger the pleasure centers in the brain just like cocaine or heroin does for a drug addict. So, it is possible to be addicted to food in much the same way that a runner can become addicted to exercise or an individual can be addicted to sex. These activities can all trigger the pleasure centers in the brain. There are ways to cope with these types of addictions that include joining 12 step programs, increasing physical activity, or finding support groups or a professional counselor to help with the emotional side of finding alternative behaviors.  

For most of us, however, eating food is not an addiction, but rather is the activity we engage in when we are bored, as a social outlet, or when we are under physical or emotional stress. Instead of just eating the food that we need to fuel and sustain our bodies in a healthy way, we use food as the medium through and around which all the other activities take place. We snack when we are on the computer, or watching television, or chatting on the phone with friends. As we pile those high carb snacks on top of high carbohydrate meals, we end up storing calories that we cannot burn at the moment as fat. One of the keys to healthy living is to eat only what is necessary, and snack on foods that are low in carbohydrates and only contain the natural sugars that are inside of their own skins.

The one element in our lives that is often ignored can lead to overeating and the resulting extra pounds is, of course:  STRESS!

Stress can lead to unwanted weight gain in two critical ways:

  • Stress leads to overeating as a way to get comfortable and alleviate that stress
  • Stress also directly causes the release in our bodies of the hormone, cortisol

Why do we eat when we are stressed?  Some foods cause the brain to release endorphins associated with pleasure, making us feel better. So when we are stressed, we subconsciously turn to food that triggers these pleasure centers in the brain. Our addiction is not necessarily a physical addiction to food but rather a psychological yearning or craving to be free of stress.

A bigger challenge at the physiological level is that stress also triggers the release of the hormone cortisol, sometimes called the “Stress Hormone.” Cortisol is released during times of emotional or physical stress. Cortisol is responsible for helping our bodies re-energize after the fight or flight mechanism has been triggered. It then causes the brain to trigger the release of insulin which then leads to us feeling hungry.  In prehistoric days, this response made sense as stress normally came from the battle to survive or was tied to a shortage of food. Storing more fat during times of stress led to survival during shortages of food. Today, with an abundance of food available to most of us, this mechanism simply causes us to feel hungry and store fat even if we have no real need to eat at all.

In our modern society, stress then has been shown to lead to fat deposits in your abdominal area (belly fat) that is later the last thing to go as you lose weight. This abdominal fat is also credited with contributing to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases including heart attack and stroke.

In summary, stress not only affects our mental well-being but also impacts our waistlines, and ultimately our overall health. In order to successfully lose weight, and keep it off, you must also learn how to manage daily stress.

The good folks over at MyDietFormula fully understand that stress is a key factor in understanding the weight loss process. Their founder, James and the rest of the MyDietFormula team have dedicated themselves to helping people just like yourself lose those unwanted pounds and keep them off.

Unlike “fad diets”, special exercise programs, or even any of the “diet” pills, shakes, or powders on the market today, they truly understand that losing unwanted pounds and keeping them off depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of food that you eat (are your calories Carbs or protein and are they in the proper balance?)
  • Your body’s metabolism
  • Time of day that you eat
  • Physical activity
  • How you prepare your food
  • How you deal with stress when it presents itself

Taking into account these factors and many others, the MyDietFormula team has designed, tested and proven one of the most effective fat-burning systems on the market.  Most of the big box diet companies give you information to help you lose weight. MyDietFormula provides easy to follow instructions and a support system that guides you through every step of the way, including ways to reduce stress or deal with stress without eating the wrong foods.  Here are some examples of what you will learn as you move through the MyDietFormula program and eBooks:

  • The impact of restful sleep on stress levels and weight reduction
  • MyDietFormula E-book and guide
  • Lifetime access and support to the Internet’s most successful diet plan
  • Weekly MyDietFormula meal plans
  • Dozens of free MyDietFormula approved recipes in the member section
  • Weekly grocery list
  • MyDietFormula Grilling Guide
  • Goal Setting Guide
  • Foods that Kill Fat E-book
  • 50 Healthy Raw Foods Recipes – Fat burning smoothies that work
  • Weekly Fitness Plan
  • MyDietFormula Exercise Log
  • Stress-reduction techniques that work
  • The whole program comes with a 100% money back guarantee

Others have said that Yoga is likely a more effective weight loss plan than all of big box diets available on the market today. Most of us understand that stress is bad, but only a few realize too late (once we get sick or find ourselves to be ridiculously overweight) the long term impact that stress can have on your mental and physical health, not to mention our short term waistline. 

MyDietFormula was designed, tested, and proven by a team of professionals who are committed to helping people like you to safely and permanently meet and exceed their weight loss goals. You don’t have to worry about having to purchase pre-made meals, spending money on fancy new equipment, or drinking special “diet shakes.” All you will need to do is spend some time reading and then follow the step-by-step guide that is provided by MyDietFormula. You will soon be on a path of ultimate health and meeting your goals of a slimmer and sexier you.

So if you are ready to permanently eliminate those unwanted pounds and make a simple but permanent change for health in your life, then just follow the link below to gain instant access to The MyDietFormula NOW.

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To Your Health and Fitness

Arthur M.
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