Thursday, April 11, 2013

Step Away from the Exercise Bike!

Cellulite—it just sounds bad or at least like something you don’t want any part of, am I right? And yet, it really doesn’t exist—at least not according to the medical community. In fact, cellulite is just another way of saying “fat”.

So why does belly fat look so different than cellulite? Well, it may look different but it’s still fat that is close to your skin’s surface and in direct contact with the connective tissue which is what gives it the “bumpy” uneven appearance. Women are more likely than men to have issues with cellulite because of the differences in the way fat is stored in the skin of men and women. But when it comes to actually eliminating cellulite that has already formed—both men and women are in the same boat.

Perhaps because of its unsightly “rippled” appearance of the skin, most people mistakenly assume that you can eliminate cellulite with strenuous exercise of the affected area.


Just as the fat around your belly, arms, thighs, and buttocks are caused by several interrelated factors, cellulite is also caused by:

  • Poor Diet
  • Lack of Physical Activity
  • Too Many Toxins in Your System

So while physical activity and exercise will certainly help diminish the appearance of cellulite—it alone is NOT enough to truly eradicate the unsightly problem. To actually eliminate the cellulite, you must first detox your body because toxins actually attach to fat cells in your skin. Until you eliminate the toxins, the body is unable to burn the fat cells for energy.

And when it comes to cellulite, your diet is actually the most critical factor in both eliminating and preventing it. Consuming too many additives and processed foods can slow digestive function making it harder for your body to convert current food intake into energy. This causes your body to store more of the nutrients as fat—including cellulite.

Ideally and in conjunction with detoxing your system, you need to consume “super foods” that naturally help elevate your body’s metabolism so that it burns more calories at both rest and work. Combined with consistent physical activity, the right diet and periodic detoxing is the best recipe for long-term cellulite prevention and eliminating existing cellulite.

But What About Those Special Creams or Liposuction?

Unfortunately, there is no quick-fix when it comes to cellulite. Most creams are glorified “concealers” that essentially fill-in the fat dimples so your skin appears smoother. But at the end of the day when the cream rubs off, the cellulite looks exactly the same.

And for those that can afford to spend $1,000 or more on a single liposuction procedure—save your money! Liposuction is actually designed for removing fat deposits from deep under your skin but cellulite is up closer to the surface and in contact with your connective tissue. Trying to remove cellulite from this sensitive area can actually make things worse because it disturbs these connective tissues.

The simple plain truth is that you can’t get rid of cellulite with exercise alone, liposuction, or expensive creams. Cellulite is just like any other fat on your body except it looks different because of where it is located on your skin—but it’s the same old fat.

Dr. Charles has dedicated his professional career to helping patients eliminate fat and cellulite PERMANENTLY. In fact, Dr. Charles designed, tested, and perfected the most comprehensive cellulite-busting system on the market today: The Cellulite Factor System.

Just like reaching and maintaining your ideal weight, eliminating cellulite requires a systematic approach that slowly transforms your body into a fat-busting machine. That is why The Cellulite Factor System includes 4 components loaded with everything you need to know to make this critical transformation, such as:

· Pre-Made Shopping Lists to Fill Your Pantry with FAT-BUSTING Super Foods

· Healthy, Delicious, and Easy-to-Make Meal Plans

· Toxin Avoidance Handbook

· Complete Detox and Water Retention Removal Protocol

· List of Foods to Avoid to Remain Cellulite Free

· Lymph Cleansing Solution

· Common Myths and Facts About Cellulite

· Cellulite-Busting Supplements

· And Much, Much More!

Cellulite NEVER just goes away or gets better. It just doesn’t work that way just like exercise alone, liposuction, and special creams can never eradicate cellulite. Just like eliminating stubborn belly fat or ANY fat, you need to first eliminate toxins and then slowly elevate your metabolism rate to convert your body into a cellulite-burning machine.

Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that but The Cellulite Factor System makes eliminating cellulite as easy as 1-2-3. You don’t have to worry about investing in fancy new equipment, pre-made meals, or special “diet shakes”. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step blueprint laid out in The Cellulite Factor System and you will quickly transform your body into a cellulite-burning machine so you can look and feel your best in no time!

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