Monday, April 1, 2013

For Women Only (Female Fat Loss Over 40)

How old are you? That's a bit of a rude question I know and it's sort of a touchy subject. Most women are a little reticent about revealing their age and for good reason.

I find it best to just stay quiet when someone wants me to guess her age, except in the following situation...

I recently found out that my friend and fellow fitness pro was having a BIG birthday.

I assumed that it must be her 40th, given how she looks, the age of her children, her accomplishments and what not.

I was absolutely slack jawed when I later learned that she's turning 50 on April Fool's day, a whole 10+ years older than my guess. (Sadly this doesn't happen that often, as sometimes people don't age as gracefully.)

She has some serious anti-aging secrets going on ;)

She's a single mom, runs the most popular boot camp in Calgary and she has several online coaching programs with lots of international clients. It appears she must have 36 hours to every day. She has so much energy I can't keep up with her.

It seems the April Fool joke is on us.

The good news is that Shawna has a program, Female Fat Loss Over 40 that's geared to help women in their 40's and beyond look and feel their best. It's filled with her secrets on how to look and feel years younger and reclaim the body women had in their youth.

You'll find easy to follow workouts that you can do at home with a minimal amount of equipment. She even has follow along videos added as a free bonus. She has nutrition information, a meal plan to follow and more.

To celebrate her 40th , I mean 50th birthday, she's taken 50% off her program.

I don't want to insult you by telling you that you NEED this, but I want to give you a head's up that this is well worth looking into. Shawna has some great ideas to look and feel young.

It's great that you can get inspiration and motivation from a woman that's in your shoes and living with the same challenges that you are. She's found a way to work around the challenges of aging and she wants to share her secrets with you.

Check out her program here before her birthday celebration is over at midnight on April 2nd.

Arthur M.

PS. Shawna says it's never too late to start to feel great in your own skin. Check out her program to see if it's right for you HERE.

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