Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Female Fat Loss Over Forty (At Home)

If you are a female over 40, GET THIS PRODUCT! It will probably be the best 50 BUCKS you've spent in a long, long time. And I only say this because I believe in her and fully support her. (This is her first venture like this, which is why it's such a screamin' deal.) It's like Boot Camp in a Box - for home.

I know some very successful and inspirational trainers who are also leaders in the fitness industry. One of those people is Shawna Kaminski.

She is a stand out. She now has a booming boot camp program in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - even in the dead of winter, and has really made her mark. Dynamic, fun and very very real.

Well, her training programs have been so popular, that she's made them available to everyone, to do anywhere, any time. And because it's her first product, it's super cheap at just $49.95.

Shawna is in her forties herself, so she truly understands the challenges that  women who are creeping into (or well into or beyond) the age of 40 face.

Basically, Shawna's program is best described as "The Smart Woman's Guide To Fitness And Fat Loss At Home." Busy Women Can Train At Home With These Fat Burning Workouts With Little To No Equipment. The downloadable program includes detailed and fun Workouts, as well as audio workouts,  Follow-Along Tracks, and Nutritional Support and other added bonuses.

The program is VERY AFFORDABLE and is the perfect product for someone who travels a lot, or just can't get out of the house for a workout.

This product will be a great resource to many, many people just like you.

Click here to learn more and purchase: http://bit.ly/143FUbN

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