Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Don't miss this - amazing new way to get motivated

Today is the last day to sign up week for the All-New Love Your Body Challenge...

Its an incredible way to get motivated because it's the new fitness contest that anyone can win...

It's a first. An all- New "Burn The Fat Challenge"

Registration week kicked off last week on Valentines day and time is running out before the deadline, so to get the full scoop on this first of its kind event click here:


There are thousands of posts in the contest forums already - and just check out what some of our participants are saying:

"This new contest is brilliant! I'm so excited! The only reason I never entered one of your burn the fat challenges before is I didn't want to post pictures and I didn't think I could win anyway. Scoring this challenge on points and actions, not just pictures and results is the best idea ever! Thank you"

"Tom, I think this new challenge format is a great idea. Making before and after photos optional and letting us do them in clothes is going to bring a lot of new people onboard. This is my first burn the fat challenge and I'm ecstatic!”

"This is going to be my 5th burn the fat challenge, but this one is a first and I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY to be part of this kind of contest. You guys are geniuses. Thank you"

"This will be my 4th challenge. I've lost almost 100 lbs and WILL have lost 100 by the end of this challenge."

You still have time to sign up for this New Love Your Body Spring Challenge if you haven't taken action yet but you better hurry because at Midnight on February 21st registration will closed.

We've had a lot of questions on how the scoring for this New challenge works so quickly today I want to show you how you can easily score points and how easily anyone can score them and win


10 Ways To Score Points in the new "Love Your Body 49-Day Challenge"

I want to stress one important idea right up front - To win $$$ Prizes in this challenge you don't HAVE to take before and after pictures like our past 7 contests - you don't have to do everything on the "challenge scoreboard list" either ...

ANYONE has a shot of winning in this new Burn the Fat Challenge just by participating and taking any action at all.

Of course 'challengers' who score the most points will stand a greater chance of winning the top prizes, but anyone - I mean anyone - can win in this new type of fitness contest

Here's the quick list of 10 Ways to score points (more details on the website):

1. Post Your Complete Goal List! (10 points)

2. Post a Picture of Your "Burn The Fat Goal Card" (10 points).

3. Post Your DAILY Goal or affirmation of the day (1 point per day).

4. Post your daily nutrition in the Burn The Fat Meal Planner (1 point per day).

5. Post Your Training Sessions (1 point per workout).

6. Weekly Stats Update - (5 points for starting stats and 5 points each week for 7 weeks = max 40 points).

7. BONUS POINTS (optional) - Before and After Pictures (25 points).

8. BONUS POINTS (optional) - "Look great in clothes" pictures (25 points).

9. BONUS POINTS - "Old Big Pants" picture (10 points).

10. BONUS POINTS - Challenge essay - your success story (25 points):

There you have it - 10 Ways to win your share of the $5,000 in Cash and prizes that will be awarded to participants in this all-new challenge.

Could you do some of that stuff? Of course! It's never been easier to participate and win in a fitness contest before - so join the fun!

But hurry - this is the last chance email. The entry deadline is February 21st, 2013.

Don't miss out on being a part of this first-ever all-new Burn the Fat Challenge

To learn more and register for this challenge Click Here:


Hoping to see you on the other side!

Arthur M.

PS - To see ALL the details on the point system and to see the FULL list of cash awards and other prizes click here for more information


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