Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RE: Busy Mom Workouts 2.0

Just a quick friendly reminder that TODAY is the last day to get Holly Rigsby’s Busy Mom Workouts 2.0 while it’s on sale for JUST $1 Down and 1 installment of only $39.95 in 30 days.

This 3-disc DVD bundle includes a total of 6 fresh, fun and challenging workouts (2 per disc).

Busy Mom Workout Module One: Body Weight Fat Blasters

This Workout Module takes you through two cutting edge body weight only circuits giving you the added option to perform circuit style or as time rounds. With moves such as the Sumo Squat Reach, Plank Walk Out and One Leg Deadlift Twist you will never again doubt the power of your own body to turn up the fat burning effect of your workouts.

Plus - having body weight only workouts on hand allows you take your workout with you wherever you go!

Equipment: Mat, YOU and a whole lot of ENERGY!!

Busy Mom Workout Module Two: Bikini Body Super Sets

This Workout Module adds a new twist to strength based super sets. Instead of alternating upper and lower body within one set, you will work target and torch one body part at a time each super set. Taking on moves such as the Threaded Lunge, Reverse Plank Step Out and Goblet Step Up will help you burn more fat and achieve a bikini ready body in a matter of weeks!

Equipment: Bench/Step, 2 Dumbbells (preferably a pair for upper body 8-15 lbs and a pair for lower body 15+ lbs), Stability Ball, Medicine Ball, Mat

Busy Mom Workout Module Three: Fat Burning Tabatas

While a traditional Tabata takes only four minutes to complete, with 20 seconds of intense activity alternated with 10 seconds of rest, it is a super-quick, efficient and intense way to get fit when followed as a Circuit. This Fast Fat Burning will have you completing a 4 exercise circuit Tabata style for 3 rounds. When you Tabata-tize moves such as Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Snatches and Swings you will improve cardio endurance, increase muscular endurance and burn more fat in less time!

Equipment: Mat, 1 Dumbbell and/or Kettlebell (10-30 lbs)

Plus You Get These 3 Bonuses…

Bonus #1: Busy Mom Workouts 2.0 Success Guide

This downloadable handbook is filled with step-by-step instructions on how to get started and when to schedule your Workouts for maximum results. Plus Workout Logs for Each Video Series, Suggestions for Modifications, Warm Ups and Cool Downs, Interval Training Guide, Fat Burning Meal Plan Template, FAQs.  And more! ($29.95)

Bonus #2: Interval Training Video

Interval training is an important component of your workout plan. This video demonstrates how to design your intervals workouts including several how to examples along with a follow along workout and downloadable 30-30 soundtrack. (Valued at $39.95)

Bonus #3: Downloadable Tabata Circuit Soundtrack

Soundtracks make your workouts Portable! Receive the 20-40 Tabata Circuit MP3 soundtrack and get flexibility and freedom to perform your workout wherever you go!

This package originally sold for $97, but you can try it out for 30 days for just $1 here:

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You can try the Busy Mom Workout Package for the next 30 days for $1, and if you love it as much as I'm sure you will, you only will be billed one more installment of $39.95 - so you save over $50 off the normal price!

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Don't wait...Your Busy Mom Workout Special ends at midnight!

Arthur M.

P.S. – You get a full month to start losing the fat and getting your body back for just $1…don’t miss out on this Special Offer!

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