Monday, November 19, 2012

How to burn 229 calories in less than 15 minutes

Are you tired of cardio?

Yeah, me too.

Metabolic Mayhem

That's why what I have for you today is really awesome.

It's an article about how to replace cardio and get more work done in less time with with Metabolic Shred Circuits.

You won't even begin to believe how hardcore and effective these are. The author, Ben Teal, lost over 100 pounds using these metabolic workouts.

He tells you below how to kick cardio to the curb with these unique workouts below. Let me know how it goes!...

How to Kick Cardio to the Curb with Metabolic Shred Circuits - Ben Teal, Certified Metabolic Trainer

Here's the deal. I would much rather do Metabolic Shred circuits than cardio.

But one question I get often is "How can I replace my cardio routine with these shred circuits?"

That's like asking me "How can I take my current workouts and cover them with a thick layer or hot and spicy awesomesauce?"

Here's the situation...

1.) You ended up having to work a few extra hours, traffic was terrible and you can't make it to the gym.

2.) You used to enjoy hopping on the treadmill or the elliptical, but lately you feel like your stuck in a rut and wanting something different.

3.) You're travelling, and what the hotel gym lacks equipment, it makes up in stinky mustiness.

If you're like most people, you usually hop on the treadmill at the end of your workout (or the treadmill may be you're entire workout).

You're on there for 20 to 30 minutes (or longer!)

Let's be honest. That's just boring.

What if I told you that you could burn more calories and get a bigger metabolic boost in less time?

Here's the exact workout I did to burn 229 calories in less than 15 minutes (with no equipment).

This one is called "The 9's". Be warned this is a hardcore workout, so be prepared. But it's a lot more fun than staring at a treadmill screen for half an hour!

You simply want to do each exercise in progression – one right after the other – with minimal rest between exercises (I usually rest about 10 to 15 seconds).

Do 9 reps of each exercise (there are 9 exercises). Rest 90 seconds after each round. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

Prisoner Lunge
Seal Jacks
Pull Ups
"Perfect" Push Ups
Jumping Jacks
Prisoner Squats
Feet Elevated Push Ups
Full Body Extension
"Frogger" (this is a fun exercise – you simply pretend you're a frog and jump forward. Saying "ribbit" is optional!)

I did this workout in just under 15 minutes and incinerated 229 calories.

Why is this type of workout so effective?

It's a study in productivity.

You can crank up the intensity without killing any one muscle group.

This allows you burn more calories faster because you are cycling through all of the muscle groups.

This type of metabolic workout also cranks up the after burn effect much, much higher than slow cardio on the treadmill so you burn more calories once the workout has stopped.

This is why it's called Metabolic Mayhem.

And this is just one way to replace traditional cardio with Metabolic Shred Circuits.

(Bonus Tip: Use these in place of your interval workouts for a new twist in your stale routines).

The fact is, most of the methods out there designed to "burn" belly fat only rely on the legs. Why not put the other half of your body to work to shed more fat in less time?

Crank it up!
Ben Teal, Certified Metabolic Trainer

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I know you can transform your body.

Arthur M.

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