Sunday, October 21, 2012

To Eat Fresh and … To Lose Weight For Good!

There are many myths about healthy food selection that encourages successful weight loss. Many of them are not true.

But, there is one rule that is true for all diets: focusing on vegetables and fruits guaranties weight loss success. If fresh produce is unavailable, choose frozen but be sure to read labels and avoid added sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Remember: Raw Foods must always be your fist choice before cooked foods! There is medical evidence that raw foods promote good health and cooked foods lead to the degenerative diseases and fat accumulation.

Raw foods are great for weight loss not only because you get more life force from them, but also because with their help your body is more thoroughly hydrated and cleansed.

If your current diet is composed of mostly cooked foods and you suffer from digestive disorders, add raw foods gradually to your diet. Some people might have difficulty with sudden change of the diet.

The simplest way to add raw foods is to alter cooking methods – stem instead of cook. At first steam the veggies until they become soft. Later on, reduce steaming time so that they are eventually firm instead of soft.

Any food prepared at a temperature less than 116 degrees may be considered "raw". So, when by cooking you want to try to get close to this temperature, learn to sauté.

There are many books available at natural food stores on how to prepare tasty raw foods at low temperatures. If you don't want to go for the low temperature cooked foods, inform yourself about weight loss essential methods of preparing meal replacement smoothies from the fresh fruits and vegetables.

The most successful diet plan would include mix of raw and cooked foods: raw are the veggies and cooked are the meats. It is highly advised to gradually stop consuming refined sugars (candy, cake, etc.) and processed starches (pasta, breads, etc.) because they are the most damaging and obstructive to the body.

Imagine: your body is comprised of millions of cells. These cells have been forced to inflate and expand in size to accommodate all the waste you've accumulated from years of poor eating. Once the harmful foods have been eliminated completely from your diet, the body doesn't have to work on those processed ingredients anymore and immediately starts improving your cellular chemistry. Your oversized cells finally get a chance to 'exhale'.

Can you imagine what will happen then? Your cells will begin to release all that accumulated, toxic matter into your system and this will make you will feel ill or moody. You also might go through intense cravings for sugary foods.

Don't give up and you will be generously rewarded! Your pimples, rashes and other skin blemishes will disappear, your nose and bronchial pathways will clear of mucus, breathing becomes easier and deeper, body odor leaves, infections disappear, your brain functions better, and you will rapidly become slimmer.

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