Friday, September 21, 2012

Dr. DelRae Detox and Weight Loss System

Dr. DelRae has put an extensive amount of time and effort into perfecting her detox and weight loss system. In her words, here is how this program came to exist:

"I developed this system, not only for thousands of my clients, but also for myself. After years of struggling with my own health issues, I realized no one had put together every piece of the puzzle to cellular detoxification and weight loss. The Dr. DelRae Detox and Weight Loss System covers every component necessary to get results: detoxing at a cellular level, jump-start your bodies fat-burning furnace and providing muscle with high quality protein to burn fat. It does all this while eliminating food cravings and also providing you with the easiest whole food meal plan to finally take the guesswork out of grocery shopping and don't worry there is no starvation involved! Losing weight is just one of the side effects of fine-tuning your body to live a healthier and happier life"

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