Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paleo Diet Foods

The Paleo Diet is a lifestyle change that involves cutting out all unnatural foods from our diets. With the Paleo Diet, it’s imperative that a person totally abstains from additives, reduces grains, totally cuts out sugar and dairy, and increasing the amounts of vegetables and organic meats. This change in diet will allow your body to work optimally and in peak form.

Reducing Additives
The first thing a person must do when they decide to undertake the Paleo Diet is to totally remove all preservatives, additives, and other unnatural substances from the foods they eat. In the store, you’ll find many prepackaged foods, and most of these involve high amounts of salts and other preservatives. Your body isn’t designed for this type of unnatural additives in your food, and by totally cutting out these substances, your body will stop wasting its resources on digesting things it’s not designed to process.

Reducing Grains
Grains are another way we’re sabotaging our weight. For much of human history, grains haven’t been a large part of the human diet. The reason for this is varied, but includes the fact that for the most part grains weren’t available to many people until the agricultural age. And, by that time, our bodies had already created a system of disgestive health built around fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other things growing readily. This hunter-gatherer diet is how we’re supposed to eat.

Increasing Organic Meats
Like humans, the animals are being fed grains left and right. And, like humans, grains aren’t a common source of food for animals in the wild. In fact, grains are used in the industry to fatten the animals, much like they work for you too. So, refrain from eating grain-fed animals, and stick with organic meats. These organic meats will provide your necessary protein, while keeping those pesky chemicals and additives out of your body.

Cutting Out Sugar
Sugar is an enemy to your waistline, we all know that.  Sugar cane isn’t meant for human consumption, but because it tastes so good we use it in many food dishes in addition to our beverages. We just don’t need to put sugar into our bodies. There are good sugars, and they can be found in fruits. We still need to limit the total intake of sugar, but these sugars are made for our bodies and are therefore more digestible.

Cutting Out Dairy
Humans are the only species on the planet that drink milk after infancy. In fact, most people are lactose intolerant. Cutting out dairy is an important part of the paleo diet, because our bodies aren’t able to digest it, and that’s the cornerstone of the regimen.

By incorporating these simple strategies into your diet, you’ll have the ability to eat as much as you want, as often as you want. No longer will you be stuck counting calories or working out for hours trying to overcome the brownie you ate during lunch. Instead, you’ll find that you’ll be thinner, stronger, and healthier than you’ve ever been before.

Paleo Lifestyle – Learn to eat all you want without gaining another pound!


  1. Since I started only eat the Paleo way,I no longer have stomach problems...I gave up all grains...that includes Corn and Rice.
    I try to only have grass fed beef and wild game, and of course only wild fish.
    We have no sugar or dairy in our diet..
    Eating the Paleo Lifestyle has made a complete difference in my health.
    My husband went in for a check up, the doctor asked if he was eating healthy and he told him I had put him on the Paleo Diet. The Doctor told him it was the best diet out there, and that its how he should be eating.
    So there you go...

  2. @nana :: Thanks for sharing.