Friday, August 3, 2012

Fire Up Your Metabolism For Fat Burning

By Lee Johnstone, Personal trainer and weight loss expert. Co-creator of ‘The Fittime 12 Week Challenge’

If you walk into a gym anywhere in the world, you will see the same thing- most of the women doing loads and loads of cardio and the men lifting loads and loads of weights. The reason for this is the stereotype of what the opposite sex finds ‘attractive.’ Typically, what men find attractive is a lean, shapely woman not a muscly one. And for women, it’s usually the opposite. They want a man that is chiseled and defined. So it makes sense that women do cardio to lose fat and men lift weights to build muscle. Seems logical but this is actually the reason why so many people, both men and women will never, ever attain their ideal body. Let me explain why.

Lose The Belly Once and For All

Men shy away from cardio as it wastes time that they should be spending lifting weights. Everyone knows that if you want to build muscle you need to lift weights-and eat. Eat a lot of protein and eat a lot of calories. This is great for building muscle but this is also great for building fat! This causes their metabolism to stall. Many men I help to get the body of their dreams come to me and say “I want chiseled arms or I want six pack abs.” They have trained in the gym for years but don’t know how to go about getting these things. They are already big enough from all their weight lifting. The muscle they want, they have actually had for years, they just never knew it because it was hidden under a layer of fat. Cardio exercise speeds up your metabolism and helps to burn off the excess fat.

Women, on the other hand, have the opposite problem. Both women and men have very different genetic structure. The hormone testosterone is largely responsible for muscle growth and the fact is that females in general, produce far less of this hormone than males do. Muscle needs to burn calories to exist. So the more muscle you have, the more fat forming calories you will burn, even when you are watching tv, you will burn more calories if you have more muscle. So females who have a well structured resistance exercise routine will benefit enormously from adding a little muscle. It will help to burn away the fat and replace it with a toned, shapely look. Exactly what most women want right?

So to achieve the body you want, you need a well rounded approach to fitness. Both men and women need to shock their metabolism into action with brief, specific and well structured exercise-both cardio and resistance but there is one more aspect to it. Possibly the most important aspect to fat loss and total body transformation…and that is the food you eat!  If the foods you are eating are not supporting you lifestyle then sorry to tell you but any amount of time you spend in the gym is a waste of time. Are you getting the results you want? If not maybe your exercise and eating plan are not up to scratch?

Lee Johnstone has been a personal trainer for more than 10 years and is a notable fitness and weight loss author and co-founder of The Fittime 12 Week Challenge. Lee created the 12 week challenge as the fastest way to permanent fat loss and to put an end to unreal and unsafe weight loss methods.

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