Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cardio For Fat Loss And Fitness: Is It A Waste Of Time?

By Lee Johnstone, Personal trainer and weight loss expert. Co-creator of ‘The Fittime 12 Week Challenge’

Have you been told that cardio is the be all and end all to melting unwanted fat and weight loss? Well, you are not alone; most people have had the wool pulled over their eyes with this little fat loss lie. Cardio does play its part and is an important component of a real weight loss solution but the part it plays is a lot different than you might think.

Lose The Belly Once and For All

Ever heard someone say or have you ever said something like “I had a burger and fries for lunch, better do some cardio at the gym tonight!”? Most people think that they need to burn the calories of the meal they just ate by burning calories on the treadmill or bike or whatever equipment they use for their cardio sessions. The truth is, that the amount of calories an average person will burn even during an intense cardio session, will do very little to impact the amount of calories they consume every day, add to this the fact that they probably don’t do cardio every day either.

So what am I saying…do more cardio? Certainly not. What I am saying is this: Regular cardio exercise is very important for the health of the heart and lungs and it is also a great way to fire up your metabolism for fat burning but when it comes to burning a significant amount of calories for you to lose fat…it doesn’t deliver! Take this example: Michelle eats a burger and fries for lunch. Her meal has about 1000 calories (4000 kilojoules). Even if Michelle jumps on the exercise bike that evening at the gym and goes harder than she has probably ever gone before, she would need to exercise for at least 1 hour just to burn off that one meal!!! And I mean she would have to go flat out from start to finish!!!

Plus, even if Michelle was super woman and actually managed to burn off the calories she consumed at lunch, what about the other meals she ate during the day? And even if by some super human miracle, she could keep exercising and burn off these calories too, she would only then have burnt off enough calories to be even for the day! In other words, she would have to keep exercising and burn off even more calories if she wanted to lose weight!

So now you can see that if the only thing you are doing to achieve real and permanent fat loss is cardio, you are wasting your time-Big Time!

So, why do cardio then? Well like I said earlier, cardio is great for your health and also it gives your metabolism a real fat burning boost, but there are certain, special methods that I teach my clients that are definitely better for achieving both these effects.

When you think about it, why would you want to keep wasting your time with a workout that probably isn’t working? For real and permanent fat loss, cardio must be part of a total approach that includes certain resistance exercises as well as a healthy eating plan that supports your lifestyle. One that is high in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that support healthy weight loss.

The right combination of these things is the only way to succeed long term in the fight against the fat!

Lee Johnstone has been a personal trainer for more than 10 years and is a notable fitness and weight loss author and co-founder of The Fittime 12 Week Challenge. Lee created the 12 week challenge as the fastest way to permanent fat loss and to put an end to unreal and unsafe weight loss methods.

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