Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 Weird Tricks to Burn Fat Without Trying

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Matt Clark, co-creator of "The Source Diet". Matt and his partners have helped over 50,000 people improve their health through incredibly effective programs unlike anything else. Through working with so many people face-to-face in a clinic setting, Matt and his partners have discovered some really powerful TRUTHS about burning fat quickly and safely. Here’s what he told me:

The Source Diet

Burning belly fat is not complicated. That is why I have boiled down 5 surprising, yet easy-to-follow principles for you to making burning belly fat a piece of cake!

1. Build more muscle:

For every extra pound of muscle you put on, your body uses extra calories each day. This means that if you add 10 pounds of muscle, you’ll be burning tons of extra calories each day. Before, that extra sandwich or snack might have been making you slowly get fatter each day. Now, you may actually be LOSING weight eating the exact same amount because your body is burning more fat by itself. Note: Adding muscle doesn’t mean you have to add bulk or size, it can simply mean that you are turning fat into muscle. So, hop off that eliptical machine and hit the weights!

2. Use a small calorie deficit:

If you want to lose weight, don’t try to cut your calories in half overnight. Take a small – about 300 calories- amount off your daily intake and eat at that level for about 6-12 weeks. Then, adjust as necessary.

3. Don’t skip meals:

Talk to someone in great shape and you will find that he or she never skips meals. People with plenty of healthy lean (and attractive) muscle (see #1) need to eat consistently to maintain their cellulite and flab-free bodies. You especially should always eat breakfast and always eat a protein-rich snack within an hour of working out.

4. Use exercise rather than dieting to burn belly fat:

Rather than focusing on how much you can drop your calories, increase the number of calories you burn by increasing the intensity of your workouts and frequency. But, make sure in between workouts you are eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods. (i.e. this doesn’t mean you should workout all the time and then pig out on junk food)

5. Make your goal weight loss 1-2 pounds per week:

Rather than swinging for the fences and trying to lose 10 pounds in a week with a crash diet, use moderate weight loss goals for the best long-term results. But, you might actually lose more than 1-2 pounds of FAT per week if you are building muscle at the same time. This will improve your body composition and actually help you “lose inches” even though your weight may not be dropping fast.

I highly recommend you watch Matt’s presentation on losing belly fat in which he reveals this one thing that all other diets ignore (which is why most diets DON’T WORK). Check it out here now:

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