Saturday, August 18, 2012

5 Weight Loss Tactics That Don't Work

Learning to lose weight is as much about avoiding bad advice as it is about finding good advice. There’s a lot of information in the weight loss industry that simply isn’t true. Following that advice not only won’t deliver results, but can actually harm your progress and your body.

Here are five of the most common weight loss tactics that don’t work. Avoid these tactics at all costs.

#1: Weight Loss Through Calorie Restrictions

Any diet that advocates going much below 2,000 calories a day (less for women) is going to cause your body more harm than good. When you go below about 2,000 calories a day, your body kicks into “starvation mode.”

Your body loses weight, but it does so by burning tissue rather than fat. Fat cells will shrink in size, but not in quantity. The moment you start eating normally again, they’ll expand back to their prior size.

It’s harmful to your body and it doesn’t work. This is what causes the weight “yo-yo” effect.

#2: Processed “Healthy Foods”

Are you eating foods that are labeled as healthy but are made in a factory? Foods like “Vitamin C Enriched Cereals” or Gowalla bars may look very healthy on the surface, yet still contain many unhealthy elements.

For example, enriched cereals have just about no nutritional value. All the nutrition in the cereal is sprayed on during the manufacturing process. Numerous studies have found that these kind of artificial vitamins are very difficult for the body to process.

If you’re going to eat healthy foods, go for organic whole foods rather than processed foods.

#3: Diet Sodas

Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and the like are marketed as zero calories. Unfortunately, studies show that people who drink diet coke still gain more weight than those who don’t. The theory is that people use the “zero calories” label as an excuse to gorge on other foods.

Whatever the case may be, there is ample evidence that suggests that drinking diet sodas is simply not an effective weight loss tactic in the long run.

#4: Complete Elimination of Fats

Dieters often make fat the enemy in their diets. This is a bad approach.

While getting rid of fats from junk food, fast food and fried foods is certainly a great idea, eliminating all fats is dangerous and unhealthy. Fats from olive oils, avocados and nuts helps give you healthier skin, shinier hair and a better functioning body overall.

#5: Haphazard Dieting

If you’re jumping from diet to diet, chances are you won’t see any real results. The best way to really change your life with dieting is to pick one method and stick to it until you start seeing a difference.

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