Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why Exercising Outdoors Blasts The Flab Away

Welcome to the third day of five day free e-Course how to get those True Abs that you always wanted!

True Abs Solution

Swap the sweaty gym for your local park and you’ll not only escape the boring hours of feeling like some kind of hamster on a machine but you'll burn five per cent more calories as well. This is because the outdoor combination of wind resistance and uneven ground means your muscles work harder than they do on a treadmill, using up to 300 extra calories during a one-hour run. You’ll save money, lose the weight and get fitter a whole lot faster. That’s definitely worth risking the odd rain shower as far as I am concerned!

For a program you can perform easily in the great outdoors, check out:

To Your Ab Success,
Arthur M.

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