Sunday, July 1, 2012

Are Your Nerves Keeping You Fat?

Have you tried working out and received zero results?

Or does it hurt so much when you exercise that you just want to quit?

It turns out the reason for this might be pressure on your nerves.

I just learned in a 5 minute interview with Dr. Kareem Samhouri that reducing nerve pressure can allow you to dramatically increase the fat-burning effects of your workouts.

Even better, Dr. Samhouri has perfected what he calls “neurofitness” which allows you to heal your aches and pains while simultaneously increasing your metabolism.

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Dr. Samhouri was able to get rid of 34 pounds just by using his own method.

This information is pretty mind blowing, and if you are having any problems with getting results from your workouts it is a must see.

I hope you enjoy the short no-cost video.

Arthur M.

P.S.. This short video is just the best of a more complete 60 minute video where you will learn all of Dr. Samhouri’s secrets.  If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up below for the full interview plus over 19 other life changing interviews.

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