Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A well-balanced and healthy diet

Body By Bison products can be a low calorie, low in fat, high in protein source for maintaining a well-balanced and healthy diet without having to miss eating meat. Bison is naturally leaner compared to beef and has a lot of nutritional values that exceed those of its bovine cousin. Ounce per ounce, Bison has less total fat than most meat products including pork, chicken and most fish. Bison also has less calories and higher amounts of iron than most meat products. Beef is also high in saturated fats with 6 grams, which is double the amount found in grass fed Bison. Body By Bison meat is the leaner and healthier choice due to the following: 100% Natural, No Growth Hormones, No Fillers, No "Pink Slime", No Stimulants, No Antibiotics, No Drugs, Grass Fed, Individually wrapped – no freezer burn.

Body By Bison. Lean. Healthy. Delicious Bison Meat

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