Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Secrets of the Skinny Fat (Part II)

Yesterday I talked about the problem with being skinny fat.  If you missed it, you can check it out here:

The Secrets of the Skinny Fat (Part I)

We’ve covered that the Skinny Fat try to eat every 2-3 hours, and do a bunch of cardio and situps.  Since that doesn’t work, then what does?

Obviously, it’s pretty frustrating when you are exercising daily and eating every three hours, yet your body isn’t changing.  You think there’s something wrong with your workout problem, so you read everyone’s blog, you read all the fitness sites, and you try to follow the advice of everyone.  Yet, this still doesn’t seem to work.  What gives?

I know why you workout.   You want to feel confident.  You want respect.  You want people to stare at you because you look good.  You want to feel good.  Heck, you probably want to get laid a bit more often.  You want compliments.  You want to look good on a hot night out with your friends and get noticed.  You want to be treated better. 

I know.  I was you.

How about we start doing things the right way, shall we?

Now…what the heck is the “right way”?

Great freakin’ question.  Good thing I have the answer:

The Fast Fat Revolution

If we look back at the habits of the skinny fat, we can come to an answer.

Eating Frequently

Think about it.  If it’s not working to eat every 2-3 hours (eating frequently), what should we do?  Change it!  My answer: start skipping breakfast and eat infrequently.  Makes sense, right?  The only problem is, a lot of people are afraid that they are going to lose their muscle.  I used to think that too, but guess what: when you skip breakfast, your body realizes that it isn’t taking in any food, so it releases growth hormone in your system.  In turn, the growth hormone will break down your body fat and use it for energy.  Sometimes, it will even use this fat to build muscle (which I will discuss shortly).

Cardio and Sit-ups

What about the cardio and sit-ups?  We know that doesn’t work.  So what the heck do we do?  Simple.  We lift heavy weights instead of cardio.  You see, cardio produces too much cortisol in the system (you remember cortisol: it burns muscle and stores it as belly fat).  Logically, we should do the opposite.  If we lift weights, our body will produce even more growth hormone.  That means more fat burned.  Combine this with skipping breakfast (AKA intermittent fasting), and your body will produce more growth hormone; this will break down fat and store it as muscle.  You will literally burn fat and build muscle at the same time.  Very powerful stuff.

Skinny Fat No More

Obviously it’s not genetics that cause people to become skinny fat.  The real reason is not doing things that will produce more growth hormone (skipping breakfast and lifting weights).  Now, I know I seem pretty vague when I give my recommendations.  Luckily, I’ve actually designed a step by step program that literally takes you by the hand and tells you exactly what to do and when to do it to shed fat and build a defined, muscular physique; a body that is confident, attractive, and sexy.

I call it The Fast Fat Revolution, and you can check it out at this eye-opening article:

Absolutely EYE-OPENING Article

I made this program dead freakin’ simple.  I combined simple strategic workouts, breakfast skipping eating plans, and the secrets of supplements (that actually work) to rid your body of the fat and turn it into high quality muscle.  Very. Powerful. Stuff.

You definitely need to check it out in this article.  Make sure you check out the before and after pictures too.  They’re solid.

I’m actually so confident that this program will work that if after 60 days, you don’t love it, you can have it for free.  No questions asked.

If you take action now, I’ll even let you try it for 39% off its retail price too.  Click on the image below for more info and I’ll see you soon:

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